1. I don't carry it because it's heavy as lead.

  2. CC2 players are like cast and boxes. You get them a whole ass carrier with 8 planes and 8 tanks and ship systems and weapons and all they do is sit in one plane for the zoom zooms

  3. Imagine having 16 vehicle control stations and the crew to man them all. (The ground vehicle crew would fall asleep tho.)

  4. Wait wait. So no more of those little "oh by the way here's the certs we owe you for the time you spent on continent. Before logging off"??

  5. Something completely different. Nexus is the outfit wars continent. Continent bonuses are things like price reductions or passive health regen you get for locking certain continents. It would have been horrible to have bonuses from live play in a competition that's supposed to be separate. It wasn't clear whether the programming team would be able to pull it off to disable the bonuses depending on what continent the player is on, but they pulled it off.

  6. Not to be confused with clock_thing() or Thing_clock()

  7. It's interesting that you have both the sawtooth and the round indexing mark versions. Is there a reason to use the sawtooth one?

  8. party list and limit break gauge can be way smaller, the inventory grid and exp bar are basically screen fodder and should be hidden, showing other alliances is also useless 90% of the time

  9. The last part only if you don't play classes that can rez, imo.

  10. Not happening in the States until a billionaire is eaten

  11. I think I noticed that if you craft the same food with someone else’s name then it’ll replace the entire stack with yours instead.

  12. Makes sense. The stack is probably a single "item", but with a quantity variable.

  13. Fuck it ill take 3, I need a house. Set my ass up like uncle Owen.

  14. Conventionally built walls aren't all that expensive. However, they're only the tip of the building iceberg. There is foundation, flooring, roofing, ceilings, doors and windows, wiring, and plumbing and probably a whole other bunch of things I forgot to include. Having round walls makes a bunch of those more expensive.

  15. They can't even legally collect it. You can ignore it. Otherwise you could send random people underpaid mail and they would be liable for that.

  16. Does the Post just put the letter into the mailbox together? Cause since the sender didn't pay for delivery the Post probably doesn't have to give it to the recipient.

  17. If you'd thread mill, you could load a fixture containing many parts into the mill using a robot. Don't know how long thread milling takes in relation to turning tho.

  18. In modern terms that's exactly what it means, idc about your cinema definition

  19. I disagree here. Also, your definition sounds more post-modern.

  20. The "machining compilation" YT channels are going to love this.

  21. You can buy a used bike. Best bike I owned was a swedish military bikez it was 80 years old. That shit won't ever brake. I got it for $90

  22. A bike that doesn't brake can break your neck real quick. ;)

  23. The helmet stays on during .... ah you guys know the rest.

  24. What about the one time passwort with the app?

  25. Yeah, needing that each time is why I never set it up. If it were on each new device it would be awesome. (Quick hardware scan to detect that probably.)

  26. It is, but I wonder why you would bother to plant that hill as a crop in the first place?

  27. You can't plow those slopes or the rain would wash the soil away. To use them for crop farming terraces need to be built.

  28. i wonder if running that engine at such an extreme angle causes any oiling issues over time?

  29. Since those machines are built specifically for such slopes the manufacturer most likely selects an engine without that problem.

  30. Ironically, the VDV got into Kyiv with very small losses. It's said that Ukrainian air defence was suppressed by electronic warfare and guided rocket attacks and UA infantry wasn't yet equipped with the large number of manpads it is today. They also did pretty well on the ground, it's just that the Ukrainians did better than the Russians expected and didn't immediately collapse.

  31. "Well, technically it wasn't a conspiracy since we did it in the open, but subversion checks out."

  32. Continent bonus are enabled? What the fuck man. The guy would design a car without wheels and sell them telling the customer he would like to add them a few months.

  33. More like without door windows. Still works, just kinda sucks.

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