1. If you swap for credit, you only have access to the Add-ons sale but I think you still have to spend $49 to get free shipping. Since you're not getting the box this season, you can't buy refills or boosts.

  2. I already upgraded before spoilers came out simply because I LOVE Bailey. but I'd be lying if I said I was 100% happy with all this. where's the eyeshadow palettes and makeup? it's a bit heavy on the skincare, which I love skincare too, but Bailey is all about makeup. it's in the name of her series! murder, mystery & makeup monday. *insert theme song here* it's my first GBX so I'm not upset I upgraded, I just hope there's more to choose from and there's an eyeshadow palette that won't be revealed until choice time.

  3. Yes! I have found that as long as my survey is right and I review by boxes, I receive the types of products I use.

  4. I subscribed today and my first box will be the February box

  5. Do you still have the halloween mask on

  6. Totally agree. This is only my second box so I was shocked.

  7. After reading I think the 15 only gets you access to purchase the premium item.

  8. I read the info on the blog and the $15 does get you the item, I would pretty angry if that wasn't the case though.

  9. I will actually probably go with the mug because I have more masks than I can count, and I dont use the Pixi Tonics.

  10. Better than sex mascara is my holy grail mascara and I’m so hype to get a full tube

  11. It is mine as well! I want to get one but I have one that Im using but on in the reserve. LOL ugh its too good. I also want the house shoes!

  12. How do I pause my GBX this go around but still keep the GBP?

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