1. My son loves this scene. He even made a lipdub of the Michael saying "No!"

  2. Are you playing table top? Make sure to have the game organized. If you are hosting, perhaps set up the scenario before hand. When we first started, so much time was spent on setting up and less time playing. We eventually got good at the set up and it was quicker but then we switched to TTS and then eventually digital.

  3. Fire rooster is a fun card. I like to play it in hunting grounds.

  4. I was gonna suggest Mustache Aggro. It is a fun deck to play. Aggro decks also typically advance the ladder quicker simply because the games are shorter.

  5. You can certainly get to ultimate with your current deck. Astrocado is a good addtion to this deck and would be very good to have in your collection for other decks too.

  6. Sorry I'm a little dumb. Is there a limit on enhancement points? I didn't get any free with prosperity

  7. Let me see if I remember this correctly, in campaign mode, there is no limit on enhancement points. There is only a limit on the number of cards that can be enhanced.

  8. yes. We do it all the time. 2 of us are steam and 2 others are epic.

  9. What a spectacular thought though. That wold be a game changer.


  11. Hmm.. not what I was expecting. thanks for sharing.

  12. Crag heart is actually one of my favorites for mid level. I love "making mazes" for the enemies. It get outclassed at higher levels.

  13. premium. especially if you want more heroes. Then Galactic.

  14. This game has provided a lot of time to bond and make memories with friends. I hope it does the same with you.

  15. I would suggest time travelling instead of spending gems. Just change the time on your device forward so that the meter is full. You can always change the time back after you win the match.

  16. Huh. It seems exactly like a bug to me.

  17. I stand corrected. For some reason, I thought the card said, "considered disarmed" instead of "cannot attack".

  18. VERY interesting, but sounds like an oversight; I could totally be wrong, but I imagine the intention was different from how they coded it as "Disarmed", though maybe it was a purposeful change (haven't tried that item in Digital, nor played it at all for a few months).

  19. for awhile, you couldn't do executions that came from elemental infusions of an attack while disarmed on digital but now you can.

  20. That was close. Whenever I run into a ANB hacker they never EVER do more than10 -15 damage to me.

  21. Wait I know him… that Mac tonight!

  22. Wow! enjoy the ride! I recommend just playing 2 mercs each to start. You can always add more mercs in the next scenario or whenever you feel ready.

  23. I'll try this next time then, thanks.

  24. Unless stated otherwise (I can think of at least 1 exception), retirement happens after all requirements for the PQ are completed and when you get back to Gloomhaven.

  25. Sun and Saw with only 2 mercenaries can be border line broken. Use the level 5 saw card and make sure the sun has iron helmet (prosperity 1 - non spoiler item)

  26. You have too much good and too much love to share with the world. I am glad that you want to live. You never know what kind of impact a random thing you might do (whether if it's a good deed, a random act of kindness or even just a casual matter fact smile) can have on someone's life. It just might make their day. Or even save their life. You never know how big or small of an impact you make on the planet at any given time.

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