2. Anjos urbanos near coliseu do Porto.

  3. I go to a girl called Colleen. She's amazing! Super positive which I really appreciate and need. You can choose your own music or she'll help give some suggestions. She also works over zoom so you can do it in the comfort of your own home. I will send you her email privately!

  4. Hangovers have hurt me for a long time due to age but what fucks me off is that the threshold for hangovers has dropped so low for me.

  5. Fringe has released their programme for Dublin. You'll find a lot of small and independent groups there

  6. My boyfriend is exceptional and I thank my lucky stars every day!

  7. Any recommendations for someone who's going to visit porto in a month!?

  8. The Luis Bridge - take a walk across it and then a skylift down to the bottom do the river where there’s a large array of bars and restaurants on each side of the river

  9. 100% yes! The crowd on Thursday was insane. So many people

  10. Locker in the City lets you pay a fee of like 2-3 euros per hour or something like that, once paid 8€ for an entire day

  11. Yeah she is in an Airbnb...But there are Storages everywhere in Madrid. And its cheap.

  12. I understand that In theory metro closes at 4. It did closed at 2 on Wednesday.

  13. I took the metro on Wednesday and it was AWFUL. left before the end of 21 pilots around 12.45. Took 45 minutes to walk to the metro and then got stranded at the last stop. Nightmare! Got home at 3.30.

  14. Currently in Madrid and it is over 30 degrees here. So Croatia might be as hot.

  15. I often use Instagram. Hashtag and the city I'm in or visiting.

  16. I think the, when you realise they're not thinking of you works really well but only if they don't tell you what they're thinking.

  17. So guys I changed the description to this:

  18. My mum got her helix pierced and It still hurts 6 months later.

  19. I had depression for years, developed anxiety- intrusive thoughts, dropped out of college.

  20. Acknowledging is an amazing step! Recognising the behaviour is more than a lot of people would do.

  21. Smile! They're not expecting as much as you think. So go in, smile. Engage with people and enjoy it!

  22. Almond bodywash I used to have to every summer in France. Everytime I smell it I'm transported to summer!

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