1. Take a look at Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Elon Musk, all rich as hell, but still cant keep a woman cause they're all douche bags.

  2. Shouldn't you be stirring a cauldron somewhere?

  3. Bro, I immediately thought the same comparison.

  4. I have two friends from high school who have been in movies and on tv.

  5. I think it was definitely needed at the time of its introduction.

  6. I've been seeing a lot of Halal burger places and halal restaurants opening up recently. They are good but I don't know if they're necessarily Pakistani or more a variety of backgrounds form other middle eastern nations.

  7. Its fun to say it that way because it makes the Bri'-'ish annoyed.

  8. I would say about 15,000 miles a year is normal. I drove probably closer to 18,000 last year.

  9. I think it really depends on when the house was built. Ive lived in houses built in the 60's, 70's & 80's all had wood burning fire places. As an adult Ive only had newer built houses and those all had gas burning fireplaces.

  10. I wrestled through High School, the team was not very big so I don't imagine it being very common but each high school in my region had a team.

  11. No, No WAY can a McDonalds worker afford a basic lifestyle.

  12. Excited because I love Brazil and love Brazilian cuisine.

  13. Texan here, yes, my family has a humble ranch with a few horses

  14. Nah, In-N-Out is a burger place for folks who hate meat and the majority of those people also come from California.

  15. Mexican Food, Thai Food, Persian Koobideh with roasted tomato, onion, and saffron rice, Lebanese food is also really good, Italian food, German food,.. man I love food from other cultures.

  16. We in the states have trust issues with the CCP, we dont necessarily want to view China as an enemy but we also view an existence of competition for first place as the global leader in economy but also we still enjoy doing business with and trade with China.

  17. Bell rings you leave. If the teacher has something necessary to say some students might stay to listen but that would be based on their own level of respect or need.

  18. No, Not in the sense you probably think we see him.

  19. Yes, it is normal for people to carry, however in Texas most conceal their firearm where as in Arizona open carry is a little more noticeable.

  20. I have my ancestry recorded going very far back. I'm a Heinz 57 of different parts of Europe but mostly Danish.

  21. No, I just assume they're all bots.

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