1. Lol he is def out of shape. Thank you for the clarification. I was overthinking and thinking the complete opposite

  2. What would be the opposite? Elite Penis Corps Sniper training?

  3. Lol well thinking he wasn't as turned on to me as usual since I couldn't make him continue to be hard for round 2!

  4. Probably the opposite. Hence the distance. The overstimulation can cause you to become unable to keep going. Also depends on where your at in life and if this is normal for him. When I was younger round 2's were difficult at first, then not as hard but it's a practice and normalcy and exercise thing from my personal experience.

  5. According to google play store this app is available in 150+ countries. Maybe your country is one of those! Go try and download it! :)

  6. How did it go? If it's not available then I'm sorry! I hope you find a good app that's available to you. Try robinhood :)

  7. Didn't work for me. I presently have Robinhood, WeBull, Public and others.

  8. HookUp, then Date, then see where that goes, but I'm definitely trying to see that ass on repeat.

  9. I don't have a hard rule for no sex after dinner and quite frankly I've never thought of this.

  10. I tackled this around Midnight (EST) last night can confirm exact same format. 110 Questions 4 PBQ's and lots of Acronyms and some Ports, some Scenarios etc.

  11. So if I get shot by my own gun vs. someone else shooting the gun in the same spot? I'm still bleeding right?

  12. I'm only concerned about him parenting as a triple amputee and any kid inheriting my mental illness I think I can handle the rest

  13. I agree with SimpforZiah, parenting is a lot of work homie. I wish you a happy and Healthy Pregnancy. I'd also suggest looking into things you can do to prep for their future like 529 plans and things like that.

  14. Yes. Multiple reasons. 1. My interest wained. 2. Kids. They eat up a fuckload of time. 3. Trying to care for said kids and focus on ones career tends to eat quite a bit of time. 4. Lastly I'd say it depends on if this was a priority or not before.

  15. NTA, that's poor care of the dog, the people involved and a lack of consideration for generally everyone involved by her. She was even offered help and support and declined it.

  16. Do not send them to wag, you only get 60% on that app. Also you don’t get to set your own prices. I mean technically you can set them to whatever you want, but you won’t get any clients because you bid on the clients and not the other way around like rover

  17. And my intent wasn't to send them there it was to get more customers.

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