1. Would love to hear the story leading up to this moment.

  2. See how well we all get along. That's what we all need Right Now!!!!

  3. You don't even gove me the time to beg for more cock when you give it to me. I try to follow your orders. You can feel my throat vibrating by the attempt to speak. It feels good on your dominating cock.

  4. I'm definitely excited by this!! The details kept me reading. Outstanding!! Thank you

  5. Oh fuck she came!!!!! That's fucking hot!! She must have been wicked Excited!!πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

  6. Only with your permission. Eyes locked on mine.

  7. Please yes use my mouth and other holes just like this, I want to learn and become addicted to pleasure others<3

  8. Thank you. I appreciate your knowledge and will be following and joining your education group.

  9. What length of time would this be. Is it specify to the CBN potency ?

  10. Omg yes!!! I sprained my knee so I've been off work with free time and internet access. πŸ™ˆ

  11. Gosh I love seeing this series of clips 🌹

  12. All good questions. Hopefully you get lots of advice.

  13. Right now heavy into fantasy Robin Hobb, Sarah Maas top of the list.

  14. I love throne of glass! The saga took me out of a reading hangover and I got really amazed by the story

  15. Omg the best!!!!! I'm on to her next series just started the second book.

  16. believe me bro youl find yourself hopping down those 2 flights of stairs soon πŸ˜‚ i broke 2 ribs could barely even lie down let alone stand up haha but i still managed to go upstairs to get my stash πŸ˜‚

  17. I go down once everything is coming back up with me. Including the playstation 😎

  18. What brand is that? It looks like it says "Trudose" but the text is hard to read. If it does say that, I have their next marketing campaigned planned for canada.

  19. Gosh I love a young lady that likes to wear white cotton panties!😊

  20. With that impish smile how could I not have a hard start to the week

  21. Stay strong. What makes happy is seeing those sexy nails being taken care of and getting the attention they deserve!!!

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