1. It leads to his job as a professor so in that sense it moves the story forward...

  2. Yeah maybe it'll be fixed tomorrow the editing or whatever is really badly done for the 3rd/4th episodes

  3. Jaws scared me but didnt hook me i was young and still kind of hate sharks. I think Scream or Faculty got me really into the genre.

  4. Yes that opening was brilliant,really set the tone

  5. Forgiving Joe set the motion of the story for him to go to AA so Riley would be able to figure out what Father Paul was up to. It really just was a way to move the story forward where certain people find out what he was actually. That's my take anyways.

  6. I had a similar feeling with hereditary. Not so much with Midsommar I found it unique but also bizarre and

  7. SPOILER ALERT!!! Not everyone has seen this movie, please hide spoiler comments, thanks.

  8. Damn, I'm really sorry to hear that, luckily you've got us I suppose

  9. Hahah I went to watch this with my best friend (so it was just two straight females) and we both felt like we went to go watch porn together.

  10. Lol could you imagine watching this with your parents? Im in my 30s and my mom and I have watched other horror movies together im oh so happy this wasn't one of them.

  11. Exactly. Its not like they set up elaborate traps to catch everybody. The only one to put up a fight was the final girl, which was predictable.

  12. How about name q concept that you enjoyed but the movie didn't deliver and could be re done way better?

  13. Yeah I watched the trailer for X and there is a character in it named Pearl but that isn't who Mia Goth plays in that movie, i think?

  14. I can check my copy tonight but I only have a PS4 too as a blue ray player. I'll let you know later tonight.

  15. I'm not loving stories and still haven't finished Double Feature and it has been months but I binged 1984 in like 2 days. This new season of AHS better be good. The nice thing about stories is the anthology by episode so yeah some may be crummy but we could end up with like the best 45 of TV one of the nights. You never know??

  16. Nope. Two new Mike Flanagan projects coming soon though. "Fall of the House of Usher" and even sooner "The Midnight Club"

  17. No. Not sure there is a tie besides Flanagan. The show is an adaptation from a YA novel.

  18. Can she? Most of the time she seems like she's about to fall asleep. And is just another iteration of the same character.

  19. I feel generally yeah. I didn't like her at first either but now I've become a fan. I wasn't really into her at first in Cult but she grew on me.

  20. I think it's called Holidays it is anthology style but for different holidays celebrated through the years.

  21. I think most people in the North were damaged by Final Destination 2 and can no longer handle driving behind log trucks.

  22. It still freaks me out when I see any truck carrying pipes or logs on the highway.

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