AITA for "picking" my daughter's career for her

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  1. So you would be perfectly fine with your significant other spending four days at the ex's house? An ex that says you can't be there even though they have 50/50 custody? Because that's a little bit much.

  2. 50/50 custody still means that holidays are split between the parents. Wouldn’t you want your child to be free of the stress of missing one of their parents on important holidays?

  3. She mentioned in another comment that she did and the ex wife doesn’t want her there.

  4. Would you want your ex-husband’s girlfriend to come to a family tradition for your daughter?

  5. It’s probably better to ask this on another sub since this one’s filled with ppl applying to colleges instead of ones with degrees.

  6. NTA - PLS give me an update once you put a hidden camera in your room (if you do - which you should)

  7. ok i’m not in cs so maybe i’m misinformed, but isn’t this just not true? like isn’t cs notoriously one of the hardest majors?

  8. I think it is, everyone says it requires a lot of math and other sciences too so it’s probably not what OP was looking for

  9. I feel like therapy only works if you believe it works. It’s not going to give you instant solution to your problems but slowly, it’ll help you understand why those problems are there and the ways in which you can solve those issues.

  10. Ugh I feel this. I just moved schools last year and it’s so hard to make friends. Most people say just join a club but most people in clubs already have friends, many of which are in the club. Talking to people at school is so awkward bc I feel like they’re gonna give me a look that says “why are you talking to me”.

  11. NTA - you did what you thought was best for her but if she hates computers (like she said), let her be. She’s almost an adult and if she wants to major in business or psychology, allow her to make her own decisions.

  12. ML from “male lead’s girl friend” - has no personality trait that doesn’t revolve around the FL.

  13. that's true. i'm going on two tours at the end of the month, but travel is expensive and if there's any other things that way i don't have to go on 10 different ones it would be helpful lol

  14. Try virtual tours (if you can) or email the admissions officers with any specific questions you have

  15. ESH - your gf sounds like an asshole but you sound like an asshole too. Why would you describe your server as super cute?

  16. University of Washington. It’s really far from my home (across the country) so flight tickets and travel expenses would pile up and there’s a really, really low chance of me getting in since my major is CS.

  17. He's a 10 but he smokes too much weed to be able to hold a conversation

  18. He’s a 10 but won’t set boundaries with his mother.

  19. This is definitely the wrong sub to ask this bc it’s mostly filled with HS students looking for the same experience with no knowledge of how career paths actually are.

  20. Yep Business Proposal is amazing! Feel free to try out Hometown Cha Cha Cha after that :)

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