1. I believe she got booed off stage.

  2. Hopefully this means she commits more to her onlyfans now. Hopefully her rap career is done

  3. I wouldn't be able to help myself if I were her. If be face deep in his ass

  4. She sells crystals and rocks at swap meets.

  5. Same. My cousin has an onlyfans and I been buying her shut ever since I found out. Been jerking to her this whole time

  6. If thatโ€™s how you took it. Youโ€™re still subbed here so I guess youโ€™re ok with it too? Bozo๐Ÿคก

  7. Guess what dumbass that was never posted before. And you're a child predator then

  8. Wedding anniversary should be obsolete. Anniversaries should be for when you first got blacked

  9. How do niggas even have dicks that big lol

  10. Idk but that's why he's there getting it wet up and we're here stroking to him getting his dick wet

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