1. I think that would be hypophantasia. I cannot for the life of me visualize anything, and even my (slightly maladapive ig) daydreams are more like movie scripts than anything else.

  2. It could be coincidence, I grant you that. I just see it as much more likely that it’s a reference (an on point one at that). So that’s why I don’t get trying to pretend as if there’s no relation.

  3. i never said it did. there's a difference between not excusing wrongdoing and projecting one person's wrongdoing onto everyone who shares their disorder. that's just prejudice

  4. The distressed white rabbit doesn't even mention mental illness anywhere on the page, lmfao.

  5. You can be omni/bi/etc while being aroace, since there are multiple levels of attraction, or you can just say you would date xxxxx gender without having romantic and sexual attraction towards anyone, that would make you xxxxx label (gay, lesbian, pan, etc)

  6. Why would you try to explain the Split Attraction Model to FDC?? They'll obviously claim it's fake!

  7. Oh fuck, now they're trying to spread to the otherkin community. I won't let them.

  8. And yet the only trans people that are liked around here are the ones who claim that being trans and having gender dysphoria are the same and can't be seperated (aka transmeds/truscum).

  9. I have (professionally-diagnosed) ADHD and I will punch the next person who calls me “neurospicy” as if it’s a cute little personality quirk and not a debilitating disorder

  10. I'm sorry, but if a subreddit makes you so scared of being picked on that you have to tell them you're professionally diagnosed every time you mention your disorder there's something wrong with the sub.

  11. Eh, I don’t know that there’s anything wrong with pointing at a broader set of traits as a loose general guideline of “this is some of what you can expect”— if the shoe is actually theirs to wear. If not, all it does is muddy the waters so badly that people the shoe actually fits aren’t able to point at that diagnosis and have it mean anything to the people who need to know.

  12. You, random FDC user, deserve an award. I love you, you are amazing, thank you for having some kind of sense.

  13. The closest thing I've seen to "mean" is people being unable to not mention a movie franchise, and even that is nowhere close to what other names are met with.

  14. I think it’s more about awareness. This sub is full of toxic negativity.

  15. That's because negativity is what the sub was made for. Everything else? It's all an act.

  16. His actions? That was the result of others actions. That's like blaming a judge sending a criminal to prison...???

  17. Except in the case of God committing genocide, he's respinsible for the criminals existing in the first place making it his fault by proxy.

  18. Would you rather have a God that didn't create you or give you the chance to live a happy and wonderful life? Using that logic, the parents of Hitler should be responsible for his actions too.

  19. Hell is not a place, it is total annihilation. The reason God will inevitably annihilate the soul of someone who rejects Christ, is because they won't be compatible with eternal life. In fact, to make it more personal, God will give you what you want. Either eternal life, or, the option to die forever. What other logical possibilities are there? God does wipe our memories of the fallen world after we reunite with him on the earthly paradise, reigned by the only King - Jesus Christ himself. Those memories are done away with as the rest of the journey is one of eternal life and joy.

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