1. That's a thought I have been having if Hungary was to be invaded by Ukraine or another nation. And Hungary invoked article 5. Would anyone actually come to their aid? Given all the nonsense orban has done

  2. Because they weren't written this way and it is just a ship that people are trying to force on other?

  3. No I just ment talk to one another I don't care about romance.

  4. I think she is human snice if my theory is correct. Then the frozen moon witch was born and lived in the dragon bone valley which is in ryza's world thus making her human.

  5. I'm more concerned about the environment and health affects these rounds will leave. I hope Ukraine knows how to deal the aftereffects.

  6. Honestly the develop of drone and remotely controlled vehicles in this war is mind blowing. Drones have really changed the way Morden war is fought. And also where armies spend money. Do you spend it on expensive tanks that can be taken out with a drone and a bomb costing less than 10000 pounds in total or do you go with expensive tanks and planes. Such is the balance

  7. Thank you so end of March or early April Ukraine will apparently counter attack. Let's see what happens. Only about 2 to 4 weeks to go then.

  8. I thought it said police hit a cat for second then.

  9. Could be just reteric. But then again this is quite the statement to say coming from an ambassador. Either he means if Ukraine falls then they will be forced to fight. Or maybe if the war goes on for too long. Poland might might loose their patience and get involved themselves. To end it.

  10. The only "chinese peace plan" is to allow an invader to keep what they have stolen. They have the same "peace plan" for Taiwan.

  11. Atacms now please. Or at the very least start speeding up artillery shells. I need more explosions going south and east.

  12. Little did the US and the old Afghan regime know that all they needed to do to get the Taliban to surrender was show them Microsoft Excel

  13. That was a powerful add. Well given that the GOP is focusing on nonsensical hearings most of the time. I think the Democrats will win back the house in 2024. Senate I'm not so sure about.

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