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  1. Annoyance. I now have to feign a smile back or be seen as an ass

  2. Showing off your funny Chinese accent impression.

  3. It'll also send the stock backwards at the end. Now we can't even be sure that the stocks will always go to the right

  4. If your girlfriend got really fat, would you still be with her?

  5. That would.just make it better

  6. JPow wants everyone to get back to being a wage slave so lose your money faster wsb, Wendy's needs help

  7. Tell me you’re a Republican without telling me you are a republican.

  8. Wow the Republican party is so diverse. Dems be mad

  9. Here's the thing. I'm not really living

  10. The fact that I have 8 free tests in my bathroom for a virus that was discovered a few years ago and got them for free, but at home sti test kits are priced more than my last Chromebook. That's just fucking dumb.

  11. Covid was a novelle, unfamiliar experience for everyone. But with STDs they expect people to have picked up at least some wisdom from the decades that passed to not have unprotected, polyamorous orgies with gross looking people by now

  12. Nothing. I don't have TDS

  13. Makes sense tbh. Gym bros know how hard you have to work to get what you want. Achievement is punishment. If you say you expect someone to hand it to you, they're gonna laugh at it

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