1. I have carried daily for 22 years. I prefer a leather holster at the 4 O'clock position. I prefer this for several reasons: 1) it prints less 2) it does not interfere with me reaching my paw into my right front pocket 3) it looks less like I am reaching for a gun and more like I might be reaching for my wallet or phone 4) drawing forces me to turn my body at an angle thus making me a more narrow target and also gives me a chance to glance at my right rear periphery 5) I am old and fluffy.

  2. I was gonna come here and comment but you covered the exact reaons why I carry at 4:00-4:30

  3. Careful. A Reddit admin suspended me from this sub for using this pasta 🤣

  4. Man I'm not even ashamed to admit FMD is scratching an itch I didn't even know I had.

  5. The switch for the bulb needs to be on for the rules to run properly. You should set up a secondary switch to turn the lights on or off, like google or Alexa. Some smart switches can be programmed to turn on/off smart bulbs too (without turning off the actual switch)

  6. Ok, thanks for confirming that for me. That's understandable, but still a bummer.

  7. I would liken it to something in the physical world to help illustrate. It's akin to moving homes where you painstakingly pack up all of your belongings, a huge effort, and load up the moving truck and secure everything down, only to move directly across the street into a very similar house with no real advantage over the house you just moved from.

  8. After 43 years here, the wife and I are moving to California. Fuck this backwards ass state.

  9. Damn man this is wicked cool in every way. Love the colors on the handle and the fact that it's a lily, but then on the other side it's a bad ass knife. I would definitely cherish something like that. Well done!

  10. OP, this is terrible! Hey, where did you find this? And who is this featured in the video? I just want to make sure I avoid that part of the internet!

  11. Just added 4px extra padding top and bottom for each entry on mobile, see if you think it's better now.

  12. Looks great. Do some have more than others? I would be able to tell on my work computer because I could inspect element, but my eyeballs are telling me maybe some are spaced differently.

  13. Where's the guy that always says "not my proudest fap"? Bet you aint sayin that shit now lmao

  14. What if it is his proudest fap?

  15. Definitely not an arborist! He’s got some serious spine issues going on. Tree guys are the all-around athletes of the landscaping crowd.

  16. You got that right. Had some tree work done today and this kid bear hugs and crawls up 25 feet of tree to get to the first branch.

  17. Dang I’ve been doing the same, first I thought potassium then I looked it up and yogurt has it. Then looked up pulled muscles only results for exercising and water so no. And now magnesium and yogurt has it I have no idea.

  18. How much magnesium does yogurt have? Might not be enough if youre eating it and still have symptoms.

  19. Man I have loads of shit to do today but still sat here and watched this entire video. Something so satisfying about the process. Great end result! Nice shooting and editing as well!

  20. Srs question: can we not fly drones into these trails and collect air samples? Surprised this isn't being done.

  21. Indeed a loophole. Once a robbery is initiated the establishment becomes a "crime scene" and no longer a public venue. People take advantage of this everyday. Rules are rules.

  22. It’s not too complicated, most of it is just following the instructions in the program, most difficult part is initially getting the vcxnano to connect. First you install vxmanager which comes with it, open that and plug in the adapter. Click firmware+ and let it update then click update license. Close that and go to Get your subscription then click view next to subscriptions, vin unassigned. Click install techlineconnect. Once you’re done with that install, open techlineconnect from the same web page, using the desktop/start menu shortcuts will take you to a login page for dealers only that your info doesn’t work on. Launching it through the site logs you into the program. From there, choose mdi2 as the adapter, connect to the car and make sure it reads the vin, choose reprogram modules, hybrid powertrain control module 2 and battery energy control module are the ones you need to reprogram. Just follow all the steps, don’t interrupt it while it looks frozen, it will finish on its own. It’ll ask you at the end of programming each module if you want to clear it’s codes. Yes. After that you should be good.

  23. No issues getting it up when taking nandrolone? I’ve been thinking about asking my clinic for it. I’m just worried about deca d*ck. I finally have a sex drive again, now that I’m on TRT. I don’t want to screw that up by taking nandrolone.

  24. Pretty sure you need to take high levels of nand to get deca dick. Everyone is different but I took the prescribed amount (~100mg/wk) along with test and didn't notice anything at all.

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