1. Accommodating her would be having a small meal made on the side that your youngest would eat while there was food at the party for your older daughter that she preferred.. since you know, it is her birthday.

  2. I've already had to ban another user for posting a link from someone they found on facebook. DO NOT DO THIS. If the link is not yours, DO NOT SHARE IT HERE.

  3. PLEASE SEE POINT 6: There will be a new daily thread for code requests! If you post a code request under this thread, it may not be looked at to receive a code! Please see the new thread pinned at the top of the sub! :)

  4. does anyone know when the VIB sale starts?

  5. This makes me think of something that happened to me once, maybe someone here can weigh in on it and tell me their opinion. I once ordered something (Drunk Elephant Micellar Water) from Mercari. When it arrived it had a G carved in it. I asked the seller (because it wasn’t disclosed in the listing) and they gave me some line about their daughter using a lot of the same products as them so they carve their initial into their stuff so it doesn’t get mixed up. That sounded like bullshit to me especially because it was supposed to be a brand new, unused product. Do you think maybe they worked for Sephora and this was gratis or something? Does anyone know if this is something they do?

  6. Hey all! Some of the products included in the Sephoria boxes (any sizes that can be bought in store) are marked in some way, shape or form to prevent people from trying to return them as if they were bought individually. While I do agree that some are marked oddly/not attractively, just understand it’s necessary! 😁

  7. A week old piercing is most definitely not healed. I would suggest waiting the 12 weeks and let it heal.

  8. He sang I'M NOT OKAY in NYC without MGK, so yes he will most likely sing collabs but without the other artists!

  9. It was brought to my attention that a post of mine is completely gone from my profile; I absolutely did not delete it myself, I did not archive it (I checked and it is not there), and I don’t see any notifications of it being reported/removed (it wasn’t inappropriate, it was a picture of myself and then a picture of my boyfriend and I). I have zero clue what the heck happened to it and I’m trying to get it back. Has anyone else had this happened to them or know what could have possibly happened? I’ve reached out to instagram about this but I’m not hopeful they’re going to answer me.

  10. Are the dew drops really the full size? And are they really worth the hype?

  11. It is full size! And I personally LOVE the dew drops, but people seem to either love it or hate it

  12. I think that may be the Lynx that got loose in Islip.

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