1. Nah this one has to be a McKenna or Paisleigh

  2. This is hilarious. I'm literally crying

  3. When I said I wanted to be a hospitalist and explained that means I will take care of patients admitted to the hospital, a family member said “but doctors don’t take care of patients in the hospital, nurses do”

  4. My mom has said this to me many times. She says doctors don't do much and that the nurses take on majority of patient care

  5. Idk, kinda sounds like you're rude to cashiers for no reason and then get mad when they don't put up with your crap

  6. I try my hardest to be as nice as possible to them, because I know they have to deal with other crappy people and I wouldn't want to add to their stress. If I start with "Hi, how are you?" and they just ignore me, I find that extremely rude.

  7. All of them look like an average Afrikaans teacher

  8. First thought when I saw mealie meal is that this guy has to be South Africa

  9. The atchaar and chakalaka are what gave it away for me

  10. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Nothing about this is okay. For your own safety and happiness, I'd strongly suggest you leave this man and get as far away from him as you can, as soon as possible. I'd also suggest you cut your parents off. They've clearly demonstrated that they don't care about you, your feelings and your autonomy, despite their daughter getting violated. Absolutely disgusting response from the people that apparently love you. I hope you'll be able to get out of this soon and find happiness far away from these toxic people.

  11. You do realise that condoms can fail, birth control can fail and that pregnancy can result from rape? It's not as easy as just "wear a condom". Use your brain for once please.

  12. Nobody bans abortion in case of rape. Birth control fail rate is insignificant. I read a study years ago which said half of under 25's never use condoms. This is what I am talking about, crass irrespondibility and entitlement. If you are so afraid then... ya know practice chastity and stop being a slut. It works!

  13. Even a 1% fail rate could result in millions of people getting pregnant unintentionally. Those people have a right to terminate a pregnancy they never wanted in the first place. Maybe you should practice some critical thinking skills instead of being a fucking moron. And fuck off with your chastity bullshit, your purity culture nonsense is not welcome here

  14. "Umfana mele abe yinsimbi" is literally the pillar of toxic masculinity

  15. Other than feeling the urge to quit, I feel the same way. It sucks to watch my classmates actually have fun and support each other, whereas I'm lonely and have no one to talk to about anything. I get good marks, but it can only be so fulfilling. Having nothing but academics to look forward to is very depressing. I'm curious to hear how others cope with all of this

  16. People are finally putting themselves first and escaping what doesn't make them happy...and you think this is a bad thing? I can't imagine thinking people have to have lower self esteem just to be in a "working" relationship

  17. Happy pride month, beautiful people!🏳️‍🌈❤

  18. I think the majority of people who claim to hear god's voice or see him are lying about it. Psychiatrists are probably hesitant to treat so many people as if they have mental illnesses when it's obvious to everyone and themselves that they're making it up.

  19. Could we please get numbers for some of them? I'm in MBChB 2, but there's no flair for that

  20. You can only get HIV from another person that already has it. My grade 3 teacher convinced us that having sex with more than one person would guarantee that you'll get HIV. No one corrected that for years and I just believed her. For years I was baffled at how people had multiple children with multiple people without getting HIV.

  21. Yeah I think this dude is just drunk... I don't think it had anything to do with race...

  22. Search Stellenbosch on twitter and you'll see why it's definitely about race. He literally said "This is what we do to black boys"

  23. Just search Stellenbosch on Twitter and you'll see exactly why

  24. I had an english teach who was dating an Afrikaans guy. She went to a braai with his family and he seemed angry at her the whole time. When the braai was over she asked him why he was so pissed off and he said he was angry because she didn't bring him a drink once throughout the entire event. She told us she'd never date an Afrikaans guy after that. Idk if this is normal for Afrikaans men (she made it seem like it was), but if it is, it's definitely outdated.

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