1. Watching this was rough. My last birth 10 months ago it was a very modern day version of asking who to prioritize saving and by a miracle we both survived. it was 7 weeks premature crash c section due to a placental abruption. The birth scene was honestly really traumatic for me to watch because I remember the severe pain and the feeling of just knowing I was going to die before everything just went out. I really wish I would have waited to see some spoilers to know to skip that entire scene

  2. My wife had a c-section 9 months ago and was a trigger so we ended up skipping the scene

  3. I watched this episode as my wife is about to give birth to our second child.

  4. My wife had a bad c section a couple months ago so that triggered her

  5. right there with you guys. I lost my first DOM recently- wasn't really paying attention and the game was close. wasn't even the best team either- it was one of the "reward" teams just can't remember which one.

  6. Every time I see ppl talking about KDs contract I feel that they are all thinking that he has the same body as Bron. Durant have been fighting with injuries the last 3 seasons and he is 34yo. This is a yellow flag that he might have only 2 years playing at his best and then his contract will be a pain. I’m not saying he is washed or something. I’m just saying that this 4 years probably worth actually 2 years so the actual price might be lower than Nets expect (specially because Gobert’s price was ridiculous high)

  7. Yea, I don’t think people realize Lebron’s longevity is not normal. Very unlikely KD is playing at an elite level all 4 years.

  8. How pissed were you when we gave away Pierce and KG to Brooklyn?

  9. KG was like turning 31 when he was traded TO boston, which is similar age to durant. so your comparison with 45 year old KG traded to the nets isnt exactly intelligent

  10. Only Garnett was pretty much healthy his whole career up until 2010. KD played 80 games in 3 seasons.. This isn’t 2K where you can just ignore age and injury history. Celtics don’t need to pull off a desperate move like this.

  11. Lebron’s longevity is getting in the way of people’s thought process when it comes to how long someone can keep playing at an elite level

  12. Wax5 says:

    Kd wanted BK over Boston. Kyrie left Boston for BK. Ray Allen left for Miami. You guys gave always had to build through the draft or trades. Celtics have done an admirable job, but it's definitely a bit frustrating not being viewed as a desirable city.

  13. I think they’ve been pretty open about the strategy: keep the core that got to game 6 of the NBA finals, and build the bench. Nuff said. Everything else is agent or even opposing team strategy fluff. Nothing to see there. But it is really annoying that JB has to bear the brunt of it

  14. Thank you. Everyone ignores what our front office has been open about to follow the media

  15. Hopefully Boston but most likely whatever team in Cali is the best fit for him

  16. Bridge already is burned probably, unless the report is 100% false which Brad confirmed to him. Mixed feelings about this whole situation. Obviously KD is amazing but I feel like they shouldn’t trade Jaylen.

  17. I agree. Only to fix this is for brad to come out and say the report is false. Anything short of that and JB has a foot out the door

  18. Nets are asking for JB, Smart, and another rotation player… that’s hurting your team when the Celtics already used a small rotation. And 2027?? This current Celtics core is contending so I doubt Stevens does a major shake up after adding Brogdon and Gallo.

  19. Asking for Smart is where the nets fumbled imo. Don’t get me wrong, I love KDs game but at this age with his recent injuries, it’s way too much of a risk.

  20. Every year Smart or Brown end up in trade rumors and everyone panics, yet a trade is never made.

  21. I love when people off ball. Easy to expose the ai

  22. People with no skill agenda hunting. I agree though, it’s dumb

  23. These sites are trash. Best to just ignore and not give them the click they’re baiting for

  24. This is also factoring in all star games. He came off the bench in 2020

  25. He came off the bench in his first game too, didn't he? I mean, that day when Hayward... fell

  26. Very uncommon unless you completely disregard fatigue

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