1. I am happy with my $190k but I think I would just as happy on $180k

  2. $190k and 180k are not a lot of difference. 190k and 100k maybe a bit more different. I’m about the same as you, between $180k and 250k depends on the year. Not that much different after we pay LOTS in tax.

  3. Just for the people downvoting… we were pretty poor till a few years ago. I often joked we were the poorest on our street. Struggled to pay for daycare, school donation and uniform. Household income of $60k or so with children.

  4. Sorry I'm late to the party, but I was just browsing and I love that multi shape pointer ring. Could you DM me the link as well?

  5. Could you search in AEAW store please? About US$100.

  6. I found it, thanks so much. Hadn't heard of AEAW before your posts

  7. Glad you found it. It was early hours in the morning here and I was in the bed, sorry.

  8. I truly appreciate that you took so much time to write these out. Really looking forward to it! Thank you.

  9. I’d add Kinji for the best Japanese seafood. Rangoon Ruby for Burmese food. Bar Yoku for yakitori (Japanese chicken skewers). Teppanyaki Takao in Kaiapoi for the best teppanyaki in chch surroundings. Sasuke for the casual Japanese.

  10. Band is very pretty, but the Ering’s petals might poke and get in the way if you’re intending to wear it every day. I’d match the band with a solitaire Ering.

  11. I’d do an east west baguette band or a dot-dash band (baguettes and round, don’t know what it should actually be called) or just a plain band!

  12. Yes that’s exactly what I’d say. If there is a room under the ring, go with a low and straight east west baguette band. If no space, a baguette and round alternating curved band would look nice!

  13. reddit, articles online, I tried to click reviews on the ring online but it shows two reviews and when i go to click to see them it says theres none.

  14. So many negative feedbacks and experience I read in the fb forums.

  15. Don’t go near them. If you like the design, get it made by a local jeweller for better quality.

  16. Kuololit & AEAW on AE. AEAW has nice silver pieces. Kuololit has more unique designs.

  17. Okay, you sold me on this. I'd been eyeing it in AnuJewel on AliExpress (same vendor as Anu Club on Amazon) for a while, and I just pulled the trigger. $64.99 plus my state tax, plus the angst and anxiety of keeping my fingers crossed for the next few weeks as it wends its way from China.

  18. I got my 5ct from AEAW, it’s absolutely stunning. Much better than Kalala’s. Hope Anu is great too!

  19. I’m pretty new to this group, what does AEAW stand for?

  20. AEAW is an actual store name on AliE. Search on AE, and should be able to find it.

  21. Round for the left hand e-ring and the oval for rhr! Problem solved!! 👏💖

  22. My whole life I believed snakes lay eggs. Do all snakes keep their eggs inside their body until hatching ?

  23. Awww thank you 🥰 I’m still in love with it. Have a look at Mineralogy, Bario Neal, Layla Kaisi if you haven’t already.

  24. My wedding band is the bottom one in the video. They sit well together. The new cluster ring is raised a little to be able to stack.

  25. I'm not too bothered by the posts by sellers as long as they state they're sellers but I'm so annoyed and hate the fake "QC" and "Find" posts by either sellers or affiliated people pretending. Easy enough to spot though.

  26. I read there is a Heidi scammer impersonating Heidi. Hope you contacted the right one 🤞

  27. Single sided rose cut (standard rose cut) faces up larger. So it’s not that bad even it’s a custom cut I found. There are variations of facets of rose cuts, you really want to check with vendors.

  28. Sometimes they can shave a 1/4 size off the thickness by polishing if you have a local jeweler that can do that. I have noticed with some of the vendors that people have had their rings off a bit when they convert US sizes to mm sizes. I always order eternity rings 1/4 size up just to make sure they won’t be too tight in the future.

  29. That’s possible but this ring is only 1.5mm thick as well as who pays for it? I’m sure they wouldn’t. And it’s not cheap to get anything done in my country unfortunately.

  30. My local jeweler was able to size up my ring a 1/4 size by tapping it up while I waited. It was really quick! So you have options!

  31. That’s possible but this ring is only 1.5mm thick as well as who pays for it? I’m sure they wouldn’t. And it’s not cheap to get anything done in my country. I’ll ask some jewellers.

  32. 10ct??? I have 5 carats and they're big but 10ct would be huge!!! Congratulations, enjoy your sparkles 💖

  33. I think this is a vendor post—they made a similar one just below.

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