1. Yeah, I hated this book, too, and I usually love Cate C. Wells’ books.

  2. I am totally taking notes from this thread, since gentle comfort reads are my jam.

  3. Yep, now I have to reread the book in context to Rendash having a

  4. I'm going to apologize in advance if any of these cross your kinky line. I know the ones to definitely not rec (A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor, I'm looking at you). The ones I'm giving you I think of the plot when I think of the book, not the sex. Thankfully, our new bot gives you spice levels. Plus, I have some, technically, Sci-Fi ones, but some weird aliens really do cross the line into monsters territory. I can DM you those if you want.

  5. Ann Aguirre is a pretty safe bet for alien romance with spice but not kinky-spice. Her

  6. I actually laughed out loud at “seeking sexy blasphemy”😆🙌🏼. I’m sorry I don’t have a “fuck God”rec but if you need one about fucking the ruler of hell or the underworld, a demon or a demon that’s both let me know. Happy Reading!

  7. I get so many great quotes and lines from this subreddit. Lots of clever folks on this sub!

  8. I’m looking for a completed series that I can get obsessed with and binge this weekend. I’m talking angst, good plot, tension, cliffhangers, gimme all of it. I am good with all pairings (or RH) and pretty much all genres. Nothing too dark, please - and spoilers are appreciated for any noncon. I’m happy to follow a single couple for the whole series or see a different pairing in each book, as long as I can sink my teeth into the whole world! Thank you!!

  9. I’m reading the book now but I have to say that I’m disgusted that they just take women away from their husbands and children. And I want to punch her brother in the face for turning her in. Although if he’s stolen from her to buy drugs I would think she’d have realized he’d turn her in for the cash.

  10. I’m at 32% and I think I have to DNF. One thing that drives me crazy in romance books are ones where women act like slaves to their hormones (I’m looking at you body betrayal syndrome).

  11. Oh, I get it completely. I hate the body betrayal, too, in romance novels. It makes women seem like mindless sex zombies, beholden to nothing but the almighty D.

  12. Thank you for sharing! It has been on my TBR for a few months!

  13. Seems like the sweetest books that I have read lately are MM.

  14. Is the OP talking about knotting?!? 😅 I'm in so deep that my mind skipped right over that as something normal and went straight to the whole dick inflating! I was like, hmmm, sounds interesting.

  15. Yep, I am so used to reading books with knotting that it didn’t even occur to me that other readers might find it unusual.

  16. Hard (heh) same! Then when I went back and saw the author of the series being described, and it made a lot more sense. I should have read more carefully. Somebody needs to write the inflating dick book, lol! I would definitely read it. Until then, I'll go re-read the one with

  17. Annnnnd now I have to add that poison alien face-hugger dick book to my TBR. I love Amanda Milo and I love the Alien franchise, so this sounds ~amazing.

  18. Oh yeah. I forgot about this one. Role Model is a great book! In the audiobook you can hear all the smiles coming from Harris.

  19. I am kinda obsessed with this audiobook. The narrator knocked it out of the park with Harris. You can just feel what a lovable, goofy, sweetheart he is.

  20. I am gonna be a spoilsport and ask what the betrayal is. Can you give maybe maybe an indirect spoiler? If you can’t just directly spoil me the betrayal.This series sounds right up my alley

  21. The FMC had been kidnapped and became romantically involved with the MMC. The MMC

  22. I would love recs for F/M books where the MMC is a himbo - good-looking, great in bed, genuinely nice, but not witty/super intelligent. Golden retrievers may also apply. Spice preferred but not necessary. Any genre is fine so long as there’s a HEA.

  23. The classic himbo rec: {Against a Wall by Cate C. Wells}. His brother also exhibits a lot of pretty-but-dumb behavior in {Hitting a Wall by Cate C. Wells}.

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