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  1. I hope these people eventually realize that they are wasting a portion of their life by being the useless outfit police on a DRESS up roleplay game.

  2. Bro you should've put hunchback of notre dame somewhere 💀

  3. I love how grus finger is pointing at the humor tag LOL

  4. I really like the 2009 visor idk why it's kinda cool also the 2018 one is nice too.

  5. well someone told me it was 300 + tax, but idk if you would do that

  6. I hate 75% of royale high players because they're toxic for no reason

  7. I ate a little twist and I don't know what to say about it

  8. the second i saw you mention overpricing and picky traders i couldn’t agree with you more!! some people charge insane amounts for items that don’t even go over 1,000 gems! cough dewdrop showers items cough

  9. Last time I complained ppl got so mad at me but, yes I get its price and demand but it's still very annoying. Especially since a lot of the overpriced stuff returns.

  10. Ye lol. I used to only buy them when the month came.

  11. If that's really true, that person with the red name is an "it".

  12. Oh yah I remember playing a little bit of that, I got really bored on the first chapter in the maze section in the beginning areas(I get bored easily lol) because I kept getting jumpscared and getting lost 💀 and I'm being dead ass, almost all of the horror games I've played on Roblox have these annoying asf maze sections where something is chasing you and you have to find a key to unlock a door, it's so predictable istg 💀

  13. You could also try No Players Online it doesn't envolve chasing and it's a short creepy game

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