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  1. I’ve seen the Murphy’s Law thing on here before, and let me just say good job. There’s no reason it should work half the time, but nice job.

  2. I feel that. I could have an entire room for just Miku and still not even be close to satisfied.

  3. I probably didn't think to use bikini, and therefore used beach episode. Close enough if you ask me.

  4. thank u sm😭nothings AS good as the somg BUT TYSM

  5. I don’t know, both are pretty fucking good. Anyway, you’re welcome! Have a nice day!

  6. Aww thank you!🤍 I guess I'm just unsatisfied with it 'cause it doesn't look like what I originally imagined qwq

  7. You’re welcome! I know the feeling. I can’t draw to save my life, but the ADHD perfectionism hits hard sometimes.

  8. That’s really nice. I feel like two Mikus would be way to much for the world to handle though.

  9. Very nice art! I think the second one is my favorite of the two because of the color fade in her hair.

  10. thanks! I haven’t drawn Miku in AGES and I figured people would enjoy her lol

  11. Did I confuse you? Apologies if I did. And I think it was more my brain not working after having just woken up.

  12. OH no, you're fine, just when I read the comment, I confused cendrillion with cantarella (hence why I mentioned it in my reply) I just meant I thought it was funny we both confused a song for another!

  13. Imagine showing the person that took that photo how we take photos today.

  14. That’s not a cave, that’s the whole damn system. Also, nice plush in the top left of the shelves. I actually have the same one, and it was the first one I ever bought.

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