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  1. I haven't been in this situation and I am not sure about the space between your seat and the one in front of you. But some kind of self standing lectern might work.

  2. I have the same issue, larger hands, and I was frustrated with small mice causing cramping in my hand. I'm currently using the Evoluent vertical mouse for about 6 months now. The size of it is great, but it's been causing a new problem. The weight of your hand is now completely and always on your pinky finger, and that gets sore. It's bothersome enough that I frequently shift fingers over 1 so that my thumb and index are hanging out on the thumb side, putting the weight on my palm and lifting it off my pinky, but the buttons don't align anymore. I REALLY wish they made a version that wasn't quite as vertical, even at like 45 degrees, I'd love to try a large flat mouse even more though. I'm shopping for a new option now despite dropping over a hundred bucks on the evoluent and will be searching for custom mice since I've seen a few reddit posts of people making mice.

  3. Also, custom mice as in making your own or ordering a custom built one?

  4. I'd prefer to have someone else make it but even though there are seemingly thousands of people making custom keyboards I can't find anyone making custom mice as a service. So i guess I'll have to make my own

  5. One thing to consider is that a good gateway anime doesn't have lots of anime specific things we don't think about.

  6. Last I heard of this you are in fact invisible but it doesn't display correctly for you. Did someone hit you or cast a spell on you without true sight?

  7. I haven't played in a bit but last time I played ap it was the same with the aghs. I didn't look invis at all to me, but when I tested it in a demo I couldn't see enemy windrunner with aghs

  8. That is one of the more risky plays I have seen. 25% that copycat gets attacked before it attacks

  9. Yeah i only did it because i have the spell that you attack first, otherwise i would go for the safe play

  10. The shortcut is almost the "intended way" but I think it is easier to think this way.

  11. I am basically a single dad. So lacking time for training is my biggest issue in getting it done. I am studying from home at the moment so I can plan my day pretty freely. What I have found works best for me is instead of eating lunch I drink a meal replacement drink and do a fast training routine.

  12. I tried to workout with kids (1.5yo, 3yo) and got mixed results. Sometimes they join me and do similar movements, sometimes they climb on me (especially during pushups), sometimes they ignore me... but I am always able to do few quick sets and the proposed routine above is tailored to having kids around :D Unfortunately they will not let me do full workout I used to do.

  13. Yeah full workouts with that young kids are not going to happen. Mine is 6 so she joins sometimes lifting kettlebells but mostly just plays kind of close.

  14. Elbows need to get closer to your body by moving your keyboard and mouse closer.

  15. Can be every country . . . All politicians are clowns

  16. Most of the clowns i have worked with have been nice and caring people. Also they usually are hardworking and good at their job. Not sure what that has in common with the politicians.

  17. My 6 year old has her own tablet and have had it since she was 5. That doesn't mean she can use it whenever she wants

  18. Det är sjukt svårt att matcha rätt med åldersgrupper. Jag brukar generellt bara uppträda för vuxna och så fick jag möjlighet via mitt vanliga jobb att uppträda.. och så är mer än hälften alla gäster under 6 år. Plötsligt är hela min repertoire inte kul för dem.

  19. Kan tänka mig att det är svårare att improvisera med magi än clown och cirkus också. Jag tänker mig att det behöver vara så kontrolerat.

  20. I feel like after the pool change it is harder to find your missing pieces. Before you didn't have the pool below 6 full while searching for 6 characters. Also if you took an open comp the other 6 characters where usually gone

  21. Lite förenklat En usb-sticka med ett linux operativsystem på. Så du kan starta datorn med ett annat operativsystem utan att ändra på installationen. Jag brukar använda det när jag felsöker då tar du bort nästan all mjukvara så då kan du nästan utesluta om det är hårdvara eller mjukvara

  22. Jag har en vänskapsgrupp som framförallt består av vänsterfolk, tror jag. Jag har inte helt koll på vad alla röstar på. Men vi har en person som har tycker att alla partier är dumma utom sd. Det har funkat okej men han länkar mycket skit och försöker provosera oss i våran discord. Det blev lite för mycket nu under det här valet och alla blev arga på han. Så vi får se om han tar avstånd från oss eller inte. Men han är välkommen tillbaka.

  23. Have you tried tracking calories? I am also struggling to keep my preferred weight. But when I stick to a strict system it works. I just get lazy and skip a meal here and there.

  24. I haven't tried this. Maybe I will and see if I benefit from it too.

  25. Energy can't dissapear, eat more then you use and you will gain weight. Is the simplified truth

  26. I don't know that much about the market but I have been using the moonlander for some time and traveled a little bit with it. I am very happy with it.

  27. Jag gicka samma eller liknande program på annan john bauer skola gissar jag. Ganska kasst program även om du gör klart det. Det ger varken jobb eller högskole behörighet.

  28. Boring in what way? That it's not much of a change, or making the game more boring? If the former, I agree, I don't think it matters all that much (though a little).

  29. I felt like a big part of the game was to figure out what comp was "open" and adapt to that. Also it made getting units from the next level early stronger as you had much better odds of getting units from the comps that where stronger.

  30. The devs specifically said that the problem with trying to figure out what comp was open was that you barely get to see what other players picked. A majority of the time, it really didn't have much of an impact. By the time you get down to top 4, where you can see everyone else's board more consistently, you're already pretty much locked into your comp.

  31. Yeah you never had enough info to make a big impact with it. But I really agree with adding a way to get more info

  32. RIP beastmaster axe's agha :( you will be missed

  33. Yeah that one was the first thing that stuck out to me.

  34. That was my impression as well. But I got to play a couple of games and didn't see that much difference. Decay is really strong thou

  35. The first 170 or so posts are from user number 1. So less then 999 but we got experiance

  36. 5/10 is average, so your rating is a really good one. Don't let the rating inflation make you feel bad.

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