1. Sometimes I think back to that time this sub really thought that TikTok kid with the gloves could unironically make it into professional football.

  2. United are not getting Jassim or Jim. Get ready to be glazed

  3. Accept that PSG are becoming our feeder club 👍

  4. He had the potential to be one of the best strikers in the world. Would United rather pay >£100m for someone or use Greenwood?

  5. He hasn't played in over a year and the club can't take a risk in hoping his development will just continue how it was prior to all of this happening.

  6. Why would they bother doing their own investigation for him to play again if they can’t take a risk on him?

  7. He just won't be an alternative to a new striker. They might as well bring him back but I don't see that stopping the club from buying a new striker.

  8. I think it will be Nagelsmann, but for next season.

  9. Cristian Stellini staying on is interesting given he was brought in by Conte.

  10. It would definitely be an interesting experience for him which will help him in his own managerial career if he chooses to go that way.

  11. Are there any similarities between Tuchel's sacking at PSG and Nagelsmann's at Bayern Munich?

  12. Pep and Klopp are so much better than the other current managers it's not even funny. The competition will be more even if those two fucked off honestly. No one can compete with their longevity, squad building , tactics and man management and especially pep because of the backing he gets at City. Every other manager lacks in atleast 2 out of these things and they can't stay at an elite club longer than 3 years.

  13. Has it actually been proven that both managers play a key role in squad building for their teams?

  14. Wasnt Tuchel in India all this time doing some deep meditation Yoda exile type thing?

  15. That was after he left Chelsea in September.

  16. Harry Redknapp's infamous quote is relevant here, him on whether Pochettino could go to Arsenal in 2019:

  17. I don't really understand why I see United fans buying into this idea Qatar owners (apart from the HR stuff) could run the club any poorer then the Glazers. I keep seeing PSG used as the example. But for all the complaints PSG get they completely dominate there league.

  18. They dominate the league because they are by far the richest club in France.

  19. Obviously Sheikh Jassim's bid has been sanctioned by the state and is probably being financed by state funds, but I do believe that they will want a return in their investment. The same way SJR will, Qatar will back off if they feel the Glazers want an unrealistic price. The fact that there seems to be a party willing to pay at least £5b + invest £2b into the club does excite me though, it shows there is still so much untapped potential.

  20. That is such a significant jump from the first 19 to Palace. Poor Vieira.

  21. Still no follow up on the Sportico's exclusive. Wild ass thing to casually put out there imo, but with how the share prices shot up....think there's truth to it? Do they know something no one else doesnt? Agreeing to match the glazer asking price, while actively blowing out SJR's bid out of the water would be a HUGE story... Im still reserving all judgement, Massive props to Sportico if they get this right

  22. We would know if Qatar have made a second bid but there's been no news of that. That Sportico story seems like bollocks.

  23. United Stand interviewing Thomas Zilliacus, feels a bit surreal. Do you consider all this to be a facade?

  24. It's not a credible bid at all. There's way too many ifs, buts, and maybes involved.

  25. Away trip to West Ham on a Sunday evening is absurd for the fans.

  26. There won't be any lawyers left to hire when Man City are done with their case

  27. One of their lawyers has been loaned to Boris Johnson.

  28. This sub legitimately struggles between differentiating Banter and actual delusion. They really think a manager would rather join Everton than Tottenham. I find that pretty hilarious lol.

  29. They have a data intensive system, and I believe Tony Bloom's betting consultancy company helps with this. I doubt he had a big say over who came in.

  30. If boehly sacks potter and gets nagelsman now, he could prove himself as actually being competent.

  31. Probably not happening but Potter at Ajax would be nice. I still think he's a top coach.

  32. Also had to go through the process of renewing my passport and im 100% sure that Royal Mail has lost it. They are fucking useless pieces of shit, bin the whole lot of it and start over.

  33. My dad works for Royal Mail and he's told me it's been a bit of a mess recently. Some roads haven't received any sort of mail for a few weeks due to a lack of staff. They rely on postal workers to do extreme levels of overtime otherwise a lot of people don't get their mail.

  34. You've accidently showed your name which is on your medicine.

  35. How can they expect any party to pay £6b whilst leaving a stadium which has to be renovated and £600m of debt?

  36. I guess they don't really want to sell and just want to see if someone is going to pay stupid money. Kind of like our transfer strategy

  37. You can argue that £5b stupid money considering how much money has to be invested into infrastucture and the amount of debt they're leaving behind.

  38. When was the last time Romano broke Bayern news first? I'll wait for more sources before I believe this.

  39. Does seem like the majority of United fans prefer the Qataris over any of the other bidders, which is a bit mad.

  40. People will turn a blind eye to their issues because of the nature of the bid and that they've got the most money.

  41. There’s so much wrong going on at Chelsea and we decided to collectively melt down over a 2 second shot of a edited banner in an Apple TV sitcom

  42. I can understand why Chelsea fans have a problem with it. It does come across as distasteful.

  43. Utd fans: "Elliott are the worst possible option"

  44. Both can be true. Anything which involves the Glazers staying would be the worst case scenario. Elliot would not have any significant say on how the club is run, so AC Milan doing well under them isn't relevant to this.

  45. No they didn't kill the club, they literally won the league title under them.

  46. So are these other bidders just chancers? Constantly reading about 5/6 bidders and these 2 are the only ones ever mentioned.

  47. There probably are some chancers but I assume most of the rest want a minority stake/want to work with someone else to finance their deal.

  48. It sounds like the Glazers are ignoring the highest bidders.

  49. This doesn't seem to be a Glazer issue but rather some miscommunication between the bidders and Raine.

  50. I love how the glazers get rewarded for sucking Manchester United dry, running it into the ground and leaving it with an enormous debt.

  51. I don't know how concrete the news was, but there were rumours in 2011 that Qatar wanted to buy Manchester United but didn't want to pay the £1.8b the Glazers wanted. They ended up buying PSG later that year.

  52. It's not unusual for buying parties involved to use specific journalists for their news. It happened when Chelsea were being sold.

  53. How can you be 75 years old and still want to work in a high stress job like Football Management. I have been barely working for 6 years and already bored of it

  54. Him taking the Watford job didn't make sense to me but he has a personal connection to Palace.

  55. Yesterday Pablo Vicó, manager of Brown de Adrogué, had his FOURTEEN years anniversary of joining the club. The man literally lives in a room within the club's facilities and has a stand and a street nearby named after him

  56. Your comment reminded me of Imanol Alguacil's interesting career. He's has only been manager of Real Sociedad for 5 years but he's been associated with the club for many years.

  57. Sources close to the Qatari bid, say “Our capital investment will be on top of what’s paid for the club”.

  58. Perfectly possible. Also just as likely not. They’ll be saying a lot at the moment to position themselves as the best option and there is a hell of a lot of these “sources close” comments.

  59. It's in the best interest of whoever takes over to invest into infrastructure as it increases the value of the club. A good of example of this is Spurs.

  60. It's crazy stuff to be honest. They said they'll pay off the debt or something along those lines as well, and that stands at around £515m.

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