1. It is propaganda, simple as that.

  2. Haha, niemals wird es 2024 schon Frieden geben.

  3. Tldr displayed numbers were higher than real numbers. Was more shit all along.

  4. Well, no point discussing if you say that cross torps happened every single game. Thats simply not true.

  5. Die Musik ist der Imperial March, IRDK - "I really don't know" oder "Im Rahmen der Kunst" - keine Ahnung, aber irgendwas schwingt hier doch mit...

  6. Besser als Panzerkampf von Sabaton.

  7. Headhunters were unironically my favorite ranged weapon in the game on both Veteran (favoring the VII single shot) and Zealot (favoring the 3-shot Vraks). Not for effectiveness necessarily, just for feel.

  8. The ammo buff is really helping a lot.

  9. I think they need more max ammo tho, clip size increase just means less reloading

  10. Was buffed alongside, as far as I can tell.

  11. Would be fine if they send them with Meteor missiles.

  12. Ukraine adapted us antiradar missile to be shot from a MIG. Those things were never designed for each other and yet ukraine made it happen..

  13. Yeah, but that won't work for an AAM.

  14. NMM is for display pieces, painting competitions, or perhaps a centerpiece model. It's a fancy looking technique that, done right, can look really slick.

  15. No argument from me. Getting it right is a lot of work, and unfortunately, a lot of new painters seem to want to go from basecoating straight to NMM and one source lighting and such when their fundamentals aren't developed yet (I can barely get layering right on a good day).

  16. Technique is not even the biggest barrier to entry, in my oppinion.

  17. While numerous allies are working on delivering their Leopard tanks to Ukraine, the Czech Republic is advancing plans to acquire new Leopard 2A7+ tanks. The country’s land forces are testing the first of the 14 used 2A4s the nation is to obtain from Germany.

  18. INB4 the Bundeswehr does not manage to get its order in before the Czechs and ends up behind both Norway and the Czech Republic in the delivery order.

  19. Not sure I'm invested in watching the video, but the short answer is likely going to be "no their objectives are more limited than that".

  20. Yeah well, what kind of models do you like?

  21. My preference would be non-space marine. Doesn't have to be actual GW models. But basically open for most suggestions

  22. How about Eldar Guardians rebased to 32 mm?

  23. I don't believe the UK will join the EU again.

  24. 1, 4 or 5. Allthough the 2nd one from the left also looks promisiing, but I can not tell for sure because of the different lighting.

  25. Viel "hätte", "wäre" und "könnte". Ein Jammer-Artikel ohne große Substanz. Ja, es lief vieles Mist. Aber das ist jetzt nunmal leider Fakt.

  26. So what would you do? Tell premier league clubs to not earn the money that they make? Fair enough you've got some being bankrolled but isn't the case in every country in Europe

  27. Actually is way more stable than I would have guessed.

  28. The main question is: Which color do you think the shadows and areas which you won't be able to reach should be? Because ideally your prime should be very close to your main shadow color.

  29. I think they sold you something they stole. I see no other reason why it would be so cheap

  30. Yup, this looks like it fell of a truck.

  31. Because damnation players are less toxic. Most of us just like a challenge, we don't care if someone else won't carry us.

  32. This completely goes against the point of contrast type of paints, though.

  33. Dana Howl solved this, don't thin your layering with water, but mix from the speed paint up. No reactivation

  34. I would still recommend waiting for their rerelease, or getting something like XPress colors instead. Even if there are workarounds (some probably better than others), it remains a major flaw.

  35. I go up to scarlet and then glaze back with a transparent red.

  36. While it is getting harder to establish a new LSG, they still absolutely dominate the market.

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