1. Yes! I think My Tears Ricochet is one of her most powerful songs, as evidenced by all the many different ways people have connected to it. I hadn’t considered the perspective you shared before, but it’s totally valid. I was losing a close friend to his alcoholism when folklore came out and to me, this song feels like the addict side of him expressing anger and betrayal because the rest of him wanted to get better.

  2. Oh wow I quit drinking and totally imagine that this song is my party girl side speaking to sober me - it’s one of my all time favorites

  3. I took it when I was pregnant and it causes rebound headaches. Also, be aware that it has acetaminophen (Tylenol) in it, so no matter how bad the migraine is, do not take more than prescribed (I know, I've definitely looked up "what is an immitrex overdose" when the meds don't work...) But too much acetaminophen will kill your liver. Like just taking too much one time, and you are being listed for a liver transplant.

  4. Ooo interesting - ill ask about the aspirin version - thanks!

  5. Careful with this one as i have heard you can have seizures coming off of it the wrong way. My doctor wants me off of it. So i am slowly reducing dose. it helps with my headaches but ultimately doesnt get rid of them so it doesnt hurt to stop em. Though there really isnt an alterative proposed at the moment. So we shall see.

  6. I won’t be taking more than one or two a month thankfully - I tapered off a prescribed benzo about a decade ago and it was THE WORST experience ever so I’ll be very careful about dependence for sure

  7. They aren’t filming yet. They’re scheduled to film next year. They started writing in August.

  8. It’s gotten worse imo - after October I canceled and the X was so lackluster I had not one whisper of fomo. October took over a month and didn’t have all the products (got garbage replacements that were not even close to what I chose)

  9. I got this bronzer as a replacement too but I already canceled over all the lies and mess so I’m not even bothering to complain

  10. See I do have family like this and I care a lot about social movements which is precisely why I don’t cut them off - I take every chance I get to counter their views and provide them another view point and factual information that disproves the propaganda they are hearing from conservative news - even if they try and dismiss it 99% of the time I get my point across on occasion and I do think it makes a difference and keeps them from living in an entirely conservative bubble. Expecting people to cut off their family isn’t only a ridiculous social paradigm it’s a dangerous one because isolating these people further only increases the hold the propaganda will have on them. (Obviously they should be cut off if they are dangerous or the person wants to cut them off)

  11. I hear you, absolutely POC do deserve better. I understand why someone would question the moral character of someone engaging with people with such a harmful worldview and amend my previous statement that it’s a dangerous social paradigm, understanding the danger to POC is real and palpable and a much more immediate problem to be solved. I am doing my “best” so to speak, but there is more I can do and I thank you for taking the time to write this.

  12. Sometimes, but I'm more feeling like I'll die during a migraine in a different sense. I'm almost certainly going to die during what I think is a migraine but actually turns out to be a tumor, aneurysm, stroke, etc because I won't be able to differentiate the symptoms and can't afford to go to the ER every time my migraines have new symptoms I'm unsure of.

  13. And yet, it's still not as bad as FabFitFun... From fff I got an indoor garden planter thingy that was known for catching fire if you left it plugged in, like you have to for it to work....

  14. Ridiculous isn't it? And they've been getting away with it for years now.

  15. I read a comment on another sub that business like Ipsy build it into their business model - they run the numbers and figure out the money they take in by these shady activities outweighs the potential loss from a lawsuit - so gross

  16. No ipsy is just shady AF like that! I hate to say it because I have loved them from the beginning, but they have been constantly going down hill! Extra charges, price increase, product value going down, shipping issues and cs issues..... I made a comment on someone's post a cple days ago about not getting my GBP plus yet and why exactly I was upset with ipsy and I got told by another commenter that it's not ipsy fault and it's still really early in the month and blah blah blah. Like I get it this doesn't need to be a negative sub reddit, but I'm a paying customer and am entitled to my opinion 🤷🏻‍♀️ and when u have been with ipsy as long as I have and can clearly see the decline it just sucks! I keep threatening to cancel, but I'm going to get X and then I'm done untill they can fix their issues. I don't want to keep giving them money for mediocre service and products.

  17. I saw that comment back to you and no mid month is not early when they promise the bag by the 15th. I was thinking of staying for one more X too and canceled. Just because things are a certain way and Ipsy pulls these shady tactics all the time doesn’t mean they should stay that way!

  18. I had a few reasons for getting sober and my migraines were one of them. Migraines have definitely decreased in the past 4 years I’ve abstained from alcohol.

  19. I’ve debating stopping drinking all together so I don’t continue to hate myself for hours the day after going out with my friends. But its hard, I like to drink & let loose. I don’t want migraines to ruin another area of fun in my life. But I also don’t want to be fainting from the pain which happens here and there after a night of drinking.

  20. This sounds lame but I’ve found lots of ways to play and let loose with out the booze (alcohol has centuries of propaganda behind it!)

  21. Their policy is 15 but I was chatting with CS about a broken brush I received and mentioned that I think my bag was lost and she told be I had to wait till the 31st to contact them, I didn't even respond because I dnt feel like fighting with them anymore 🤦🏻‍♀️ I've said it for months guys, but I'm getting the next X and I'm out! I place kinda a lot of online orders with others businesses and no one and I mean no one takes as long to ship as ipsy and then they use crappy Pitney Bowes and my bag gets lost (Pitney Bowes told me my package was lost) but I gotta wait till the last day of the month. My bag shipped on the 8th and made it to a half hour from my home (my local post office was next stop) that was 8 or 9 days ago lol

  22. They told me this too!! The 31st! I’m soo over it. I think I’m gonna get the X but honestly part of me wants to just cancel and never look back.

  23. I’m the same but without the numbness. I’ve found as well that the more intense the zigzag is the worse the headache/nausea will be. A double Zigzag put me in the ER late last year.

  24. Def the more intense the zig zag the more intense the migraine for me (also ended up in the ER one day when each time the aura ended a new one began - or hell day as I recall it) I hate throwing up so I usually fight it and I’ve only thrown up twice from migraine. Once when I tried triptans which made everything a million times worse for me and I def should have gone to the ER but I was alone and in too much pain the thought of dealing with an ambulance was not possible, the other time was when I drank a rosé wine (anything red or red adjacent is instant migraine for me) - I have since sworn off all alcohol and it def means way less aura migraines thankfully 😅 (still get the non aura hormonal ones all the time tho)

  25. Mine is like a blind spot (kinda like if the sun gets in your eyes) that doesn’t go away and expands until it is a zigzag of light across my vision - this zigzag then slowly moves either up or down until it’s out of sight (I can see it with my eyes closed too) while this is happening there is a whole bunch of strange feelings in my head like pressure and dizziness and a feeling of something physically happening that is hard to describe - I also get numbness on one side (sometimes my hand or arm but a lot of times just my pinky) and numbness in my face and lips. Sometimes I get an aura and I feel off but no pain but most of the time it’s followed by a splitting pain in my head/nausea/the whole deal

  26. This sounds a lot like my migraines (look up Hemiplegic migraine) and my heart goes out to you they are so brutal! Caffeine is a big factor for me - I can have it but it has to be a consistent amount (this from a neurologist) if I vary too much it triggers for me. I have some suspicious that movement of my teeth into a cross bite over the years has increased my migraines (this sounds wacky but I tried teeth aligners - which I didn’t stick to - and didn’t have a migraine for over a year!!!) It’s just a theory but I’ll try anything right so I’m working on getting proper Invisalign.

  27. I hope it updates and then when you open your door its there!!! =)

  28. The shipping window is until the 18th, so until it’s past that date, it still counts as being on schedule. Would be nice to get it faster, but I’m happier if I assume it’ll ship on the very last day vs any earlier.

  29. The thing is that it has “shipped” it’s just not moving

  30. you can also try checking out treasure islands on twitch, i get a lot of goodies from there

  31. Ooo hmm I don’t have twitch but I’ll look into it - thanks!

  32. If you get the paradise dlc thing you eventually get a new shop which has new items daily, also look through all the animal crossing sub reddits..there are a few where people are giving away furniture and diys. Other than that there isnt many other options

  33. Some energy drinks (and supplements) have nitric oxide it them to ‘increase bloodflow’ which is exactly the opposite of how many migraine meds work. An example is maxalt, it’s a vasoconstrictor. Nitric oxide is vasodilator. How do I know? 1.5 days in the hospital getting demoril injections. It was a lot of fun. I took some energy supplement not even aware it was a thing. Just a thought. Might read the ingredients. It’s often disguised under other names. It is in some energy drinks.

  34. I got the Vacation sunscreen in one of my X boxes and loved it so much I bought more - would be very excited to get the perfume!

  35. This happened to me too - no trace of the order in my order history - I emailed and they said the order was confirmed and then I got a shipping email

  36. Unfortunately, both of my bags are still in order fulfillment. Granted, my GB Plus was ordered on the 2nd.

  37. Ok so it looks like my add ins are prob slowing mine down (I hope)

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