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DeSantis proposes a new civilian military force in Florida that he would control

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  1. Man my great grandchildren are going to be so excited when they finally release the first half of this book

  2. Sure when she does it she heals the sick and is a hero. When I do it I get kicked out of the Childrens ward and have a restraining order…this world sucks

  3. And to think he has to write another book that will wrap up all the thousands of story threads he has created and he hasn’t even started on ‘A Dream of Spring’. Here’s hoping he gets a good ghost writer after he dies

  4. Common misconception, very little actual flames in a nuclear explosion.

  5. That’s just because they test them in the desert. If you put a nuke in a forest it would start fires for hundreds of miles in all directions. If you have something that’s as hot as the sun, you’ll eventually get some flames

  6. Also Muhammed II, the Shah of Khwarezm, killed Mongol traders and then diplomats, prompting Genghis Khan to put his other military campaigns on hold to personally lead a campaign against them. The Khwarezmian empire was completely destroyed in less than two years.

  7. Came here to say this. It was a completely unforced error that lead to the absolute destruction of his entire empire.

  8. The harsh sanctions on Germany in the treaty of Versailles that ended WW1 has to be high up in the list, since it probably led to the rise of nazism, the holocaust, and WW2.

  9. In truth, the French kind of had to make a ruthless treaty. They lost an entire generation to that war. Not to mention the destruction of their own land, some parts of which are still unusable to this day. If you were a French politician at the time it would have been difficult to tell your citizens, “hey I know these guys have brutally murdered pretty much half our young male population, but let’s let them off with a warning so we can be friends.” Not to mention the fact that the Germans invaded France a generation before and gave the French a pretty brutal treaty as well. I’m not saying the Versailles treaty was good, I just think it gets a little overblown in the grand scheme of things.

  10. The composer of all the songs was a dude named Harry Nilsson, one of the Beatles best friends and one of the craziest partiers of all time. Apparently the movie sucked because all the cast and crew were shit faced on this tropical island the entire time during filming. The stories are legendary with Harry and Robin having whiskey and coke (nose coke not drinking coke) competitions before shots and some of them not sleeping for days on end. All except Shelley Duvalle, who just got done filming the Shining and was recovering mentally after every scene

  11. Remember during the campaign how everyone said that Bernie was too radical to get anything done? And that in this time of extreme polarization we needed a moderate who would comprise with the republicans so we could start taking baby steps in the right direction. Good thing we listened to them

  12. We have a lot in common with the last days of the Roman Republic. Corrupt politicians, two political parties unable to compromise an inch. But the big thing that Rome had were armies loyal to their general and not their country. This, this is the kind of action specifically designed to bring is closer to the fall of a republic and the rise of an empire

  13. You shouldn’t vilify all Europeans and you shouldn’t side with all Aztecs. These are two cultures filled with thousands upon thousands of individuals. Each making their own separate choices that affect the whole of history.

  14. Eventually though, they'll run out of people. And at what point do the deaths cause them to lose their electoral advantage?

  15. Because the electoral college heavily favors republicans it could be a lot of deaths and they still might be fine. Remember Hilary beat Donald by millions and she still lost. If only heavy red states are dying they should still be fine. Fine in an electoral since not in a living sense

  16. “The Great Mortality: An Intimate History of the Black Death, the Most Devastating Plague of All Time” by John Kelly

  17. I just reas The Great Mortality and it was fantastic. Really puts you in the world of awful medieval living. Fantastic writer. Another great book recommendation from the last podcast gang

  18. It definitely happened, but people saying it was before the Nazi’s are missing the point. When Germany invaded a decade later they used it as propaganda to show they were the less brutal regime. Propagandized or not, it did happen.

  19. This is a great point. Propaganda works best not when it is a lie from nothing, but when it's based on a little bit of truth. Now the Holodomor is not a little bit of truth, it's a whole bunch of truth, it was a horrific event that was definitely the fault of the USSR. But the Nazi propaganda machine shoved it into everybody's face about as much as possible. This is why it's always tough to find completely unbiased sources of information on atrocities, both sides have reason to embellish and the answer is rarely directly in the center of the two extremes.

  20. Jazz fan here. I came because you guys have a great team. I thought I was mad because Utah never got any props and was always slept on, then I watched you guys beat us in a nail biter. And damn you got yourself a good team. I would love to see you guys in the conference finals and I'll for sure be rooting for you guys, as long as its not against Utah.

  21. Who can make me orgasm the best. I've got years of practice on the subject, and if I lose I'll get a hand job from Satan, so you know not a bad day.

  22. As someone getting their degree in accounting, I agree with a lot of what you’re saying here but frankly it’s not about the accounting industry. Taxes are complicated so politicians have arguments and platforms to make without needing to make substantive progress. Politically, taxes are a posturing move. Simplifying taxes would be awesome for the accounting profession, we would love to deal with less asinine rules on a daily basis!

  23. That is a great point. It's not just tax companies that want a confusing tax system, it's rich people, who can afford a team of tax experts to get every legal loophole in their favor. And as a politician, it's kinda easy to sneak in a loophole that nobody, other than tax experts, would even notice are there.

  24. It's so strange to see all these refs, fans and coaches not wearing masks getting so close to each other. I can't believe it's been a year and I'm already starting to feel weird when I don't wear a mask.

  25. Why did Woo say "Flourish" when he escaped the handcuffs?

  26. In Ant Man when he was working on his close up magic, he said that all he needed to practice was his flourish. Or something like that. I don't remember the exact wording, but the main idea is that he has been working on his magic since Ant-Man and the Wasp

  27. Love to see a Frank Layden mention. He lives in my neighborhood and I occasionally see him at the grocery store.

  28. My dad has a collection of signed baseballs, from Greg Maddox to Randy Johnson to Peyton Manning and Tommy Lasorda. But his favorite of them all is a Frank Layden signed baseball.

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