1. My first grey killed a mini yorkie. The yorkie went for her and she was just defending herself but same thing - snapped it's neck. The owners were teenagers and thought it was funny - small dog going for big - my dog Walker was a dope and didn't see the risk. Long story short the dog warden ordered my Betty put down. It was horrific. I always muzzle my new grey just to be safe - he doesn't have a prey drive in him whatsoever but I'm not taking any chances. Greyhounds seem to always get the blame her in Ireland.

  2. I'd guess that it's just your brain adjusting to the situation as it goes hunting for the "good ol' days". I assume you're taking the Nal an hour before the first drink of the day?

  3. That's a good point because I'm definitely a binger. But even with the Nal I binge a lot of the time. I'm giving it the 60-90 minutes and I do drink slower etc but at some stage I just lose control. I'm trying to redose but am often too far gone at that stage so I might up to 75mg and see if that stops me having long sessions. And then redose another 25mg if needed

  4. Oh I didn't know that about BAC actually because my drink of choice is wine and I definitely always got a hit off that fairly quickly. But I also have a crazy tolerance - I work in finance so partying hard was just part of the package. I don't really get blackout. Things go fuzzy and I forget somethings but can always get home, etc. Like I had 2 bottles last night and remember going to bed. I definitely need to change my drink to beer or something

  5. Thanks for this post. I really needed it today. In the middle of an uptick which I am hoping is an extinction burst. Wine is my poison too and I just cannot break it's grip on me yet. It us early days and I wasn't doing it properly at the start as the dr said to take daily and I don't drink daily so I am sticking to TSM now

  6. If you are already too far gone at the point that you might consider redosing, then redosing isn't going to do much.

  7. Yeah I'm working on my habits etc. I just tend to tip over to the other side without even feeling it might happen soon so I miss the window to redose. I've a long way to go on being mindful etc so hopefully that'll help with that

  8. Aware is good! The addicted part of the brain likes to zoom things in under the radar and keep you unconscious so it can get the booze down your throat more easily. Stay aware and don't let it do that without letting the conscious mind have its say. You may still drink, but at least you took a moment to weigh the one against the other. That's an important step forward! As TSM further weakens the unconscious addiction, your conscious mind will slowly begin to have more clout in the deliberations. Just like with TSM itself, improvement won't be linear but will likely trend in a positive direction.

  9. Yeah you're right I'm definitely seeing improvements and noticing patterns. I just wish I never got this bad. But I'll get there

  10. Probably best to connect with a TSM doc and ask them how you should handle it. They may want you to increase the dose, redose at a certain time, increase the initial wait time, etc.

  11. Unfortunately very hard to find in the west of Ireland. I only found out about TSM through my own research

  12. 50mg one hour before first drink. 25mg redose 4-6 hours after first dose. No need to wait.

  13. A key question for you is whether your goal is to achieve pharmacological extinction by following The Sinclair Method.

  14. Good point - I think at this stage it has to be extinction. I think I just wanted it immediately but I'm going to stick to the TSM guidelines now and get some patience and I started the book yesterday. Thanks for the response!

  15. Please don’t misread me as saying you must follow TSM or think I’m saying extinction means abstinence.

  16. Yes I understand. I've read a lot on TSM. I was aiming more for abstinence but that isn't happening for me so I will follow TSM properly now

  17. Drank all weekend because my cousin came to visit. and now I can’t sleep because I too have pain in my chest , I’m worried

  18. Would be worth getting it checked. Do you have anxiety? Might just be that but best to check. Anxiety is like a tight not getting enough air feeling usually.

  19. I've been on oral naltrexone for about two years (but I only have a month sober so, clearly I've drank on it) and I think it does really help WHEN I take it. Vivitrol was recommended for me since I have episodes and stop taking all my medications and usually relapse, but same as you, cost reasons. Naltrexone is a really great medication because it deters your cravings, but should you drink, it isn't punitive the way antabuse is. For me, Naltrexone is like a safety net on top of the work I do in AA. I'm glad to hear it's working for you as well. Keep it up! The nausea was a problem for me at the beginning but went away after about a week. One thing to keep in mind is that naltrexone is an opiate blocker. If you are in an accident or need to have a surgery, they HAVE to know you are on naltrexone so they can give you something else to manage pain.

  20. Jesus that's a good point re the tolerance - had similar recently. I'm trying to do TSM where you take it an hr before you drink and it should kill the buzz and basically stop you - it is not doing that - opposite actually- so I'm very confused. Don't want to up the dose as the hangovers on it are extreme. Think I'll just use for cravings as I definitely drink less often

  21. IWNDWYT- fucked up last night and have the worst anxiety ever today- even after taking medication. It's bloody scary

  22. Yes thanks - it's calmed down a good bit now. Never want to go through that again though

  23. That's excellent- I've been toying with upping the dose. Definitely going to give it a shot now

  24. Yeah naltrexone is supposed to be used with therapy etc as well. Your brain might be harder to rewire than others too - for some people it's instantaneous for others it takes time. This is my second time on Nal and therapy for about 3 yrs, hypnotherapy, meditatoon etc as well. I've also built up a lot of healthy habits I prefer to drinking. I take nal on days I'm not drinking as well then dose an hr before drinking if I drink and I find this is really working for me 4 mths in and cravings are rare and fleeting. Plus the Nal-overs are so bad this time round it helps me not want to drink

  25. Just to caveat that I have AUD rather than full blown alcoholism. But I think with medication that resets the brain (naltrexone) you can in some instances. My cravings, views etc have completely changed. That's just me though and if I come off it fuck knows what'll happen. I know my dad was off the booze for 25 yrs and now he can have a few on occasion. I think for him he just doesn't see the need to - he's happy in his life and has no room for it. So it depends on how you and your mentality develop I suppose

  26. That's kind of where I am now - just not wanting to drink and feeling sad about it. I also find my hangovers on Nal 10 times worse so that's definitely putting me off drinking

  27. NAL-overs are a thing. What kills me is how inconsistent they are. There have been nights where I have two drinks and I’m destroyed the next day and other nights where I have 4 or 5 and I’m totally fine.

  28. Totally! Last few times the next day has been a complete write off and that's after my 'safer' drinks like beer which usually don't kill me. So it's definitely stopping me wanting to drink lol

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