AITA for excluding our mom friend from out outings

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AITA for uninviting my recently widowed brother to a family event?

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  1. The sooner you get back to it, the better. When you mentally repeat the worst case to yourself that becomes normal. Come up with a plan, like practice quickly hitting 6 or 7 so if you press the wrong buttons again, you’ll know how to recover. You’re spending more time in your head telling yourself you can’t do it than planning for it. You’ve got this!

  2. I actually joined a few before I learned. You are much brighter than I.

  3. NTA. But consider that even in regular life people with young kids sometimes dress everyone similarly because if one gets lost, you can show exactly what they were wearing.

  4. YTA again because I just cannot get over what you're labeling as a boundary. As if your friend is barging in on your life and abusing you. What the heck kind of boundary is banning your friend from event planning because she doesn't attend enough?

  5. YTA. She's using lactating as an excuse? What do you and your child-free friends know about lactating?

  6. YTA. It would have been OK if you parents had talked this out beforehand but you're taking the "my way only" route. What the hey, let them trick or treat and she brings them back to you right after. If they start at 6:30 they can be done before 8p.

  7. I wouldn't know exactly how to look, but see about connecting through the University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson campus. There's a pretty significant Asian population among the students there.

  8. YTA. You had 6 years to figure it out, like instead of funding all of your own kids' school, you could have tried covering 75% of each and pushing all of them to apply for scholarships or loans for the rest, or looking at more affordable schools. 6 years to communicate and plan!

  9. i had a friend in high school who went to one of these that her MOTHER hosted. they were also god-fearing christians, supposedly.

  10. I went to one where all the women attending were married Christians/church goers. The host presented it as a safe place for everyone to learn and ask all the questions they normally would feel too repressed to bring up.

  11. Did they know ahead of time that it was a sex toy party or were they invited to a party thinking it was a normal one and get blindsided like I did?

  12. Yes. It wasn't an official church thing, just an invite from a friend and the group was mostly Christians. This was 15 years ago and I don't think any of us thought very deeply about MLMs. This was also the first of the romance type parties we'd ever been invited to so I think the sheer novelty (lol) of it made us curious. The host was quite funny.

  13. YTA. Your family needs to grow up and quit feeling "awkward" about death. When he cries, what do you all do, just go quiet and stare? Your brother is not the one making the events awkward.

  14. NTA but sus. This story, down to the part-time job and living on "benefits" has been floating around. I've read this before--where?

  15. YTA. But you have quite the habit of making bad decisions and not being truthful. Whatever you can do to avoid the eviction, do it. Apologize, change the locks back, get help.

  16. If it was only June - all of Feb, that's 9 months, but she said she started in March!

  17. Do not, my friends, become addicted to Intel. It will take hold of you, and you will resent its absence!

  18. Good reminder! I had a weeklong vacay a few months ago and it kinda reset everything for me. Other than looking for benchmarks and signature workouts, I’m no longer reading daily intel. I didn’t read intel for my first four years as a member and did just fine.

  19. I'm sorry, the first thing I saw in this pic--maybe it's the angle--was that her boobs are leaking lol

  20. Holy shit. I will never not see this now.

  21. I’d say wait until you actually see it in person. I think the pic/pose is not the greatest. There’s probably no good way to bring it up so just learn to ignore.

  22. YTA. Doesn't sound like anything religious going on or past trauma about birthdays. Your girlfriend wants you to be present at something meaningful to her, do you not get it? She WANTS. YOU. TO. BE. WITH. HER. How does taking her out for her birthday hurt you? Is this your built up pride talking, that you're the one who doesn't do birthdays, therefore you cannot even stand to be there when someone else has theirs? Every day is someone's birthday, so you must be constantly offended.

  23. NTA. I had a coworker with your condition. He went to a dental appointment, somehow made it back to the office and wound up sliding off his seat to the floor. It really is a serious condition. I'm kinda non confrontational and I would just go sit in the front row (that was my tendency anyway, to avoid distractions and pay attention).

  24. NTA. Sure, maybe they could have gotten more for the house, but then they wouldn't have an easy way back after blowing through even more money.

  25. Perfect example of NSV! I love how OTF insists on functional movements and combination exercises. They pay off in real life. I think of this every time I recover from nearly tripping over an object or carrying things a long distance.

  26. I'm slowing down through the years. I'll be happy if I'm close to 2 minutes!

  27. I have a pair of these from a while ago and the description looks the same, with no liner. Maybe someone can confirm the current edition fits your specs

  28. YTA for not remembering that every teen girl's dream is to vacation with a friend over her parent.

  29. Oh GOD I loved furlough so much. Didn't have to leave my apartment for 5 weeks and still got paid the whole time. I hadn't been that happy since the time a newborn kitten used my pinky fingernail as a pacifier.

  30. OOh this brings back memories of a stray kitten I found at my grandfather's when I was 8--it climbed up my shoulder and fell asleep using my earlobe as a pacifier!

  31. Why would 1 week of no insurance a big deal?

  32. I have a family member who has prescription meds that can be filled only one month at a time. If she happened to lose insurance before she’s allowed to renew the script, well that sucks for her!

  33. Did she check GoodRx for coupons? That's what I do when insurance also refuses to allow more than 30 days of daily medication per refill.

  34. Technically you can go to every class every day as an unlimited member (there’s been a thread before that described people doing extremes like this). If you double up, some studios may ask you to be mindful/show some courtesy when booking classes that are typically full or waitlisted. I wouldn’t recommended multiples in a day during Hell Week since classes my be packed and and waitlisted.

  35. YTA for not seeing how absolutely kind and loving your fiancé is. Why do your friends’ opinions matter more than your fiancé’s?

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