AITA for getting angry at my(m29) girl friend (f28) for hiding that she speaks Spanish?

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AITA for telling my child I canceled her birthday party?

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  1. I've never heard this term. But many of us (men and women) do wear running shorts to class, no prob. And usually commando.

  2. YTA. Your daughter "looked horrified," which sounds like she had exactly the reaction you've raised her to have in this scenario. So, what's the problem?

  3. I wish Pampered Chef wasn't an MLM. Granted, the reps I know have never actually tried to push the recruitment part on me. PC once replaced a pan I'd had for years after I burned it. I haven't bought items in years, but the tools I still have are going strong.

  4. Sure, a cat dropped all of those there. Totally notnstaged by the rep. Nope, not at all.

  5. nah, totally plausible. There's a cat on Tiktok that brings back trash and random items it can carry, including a mini-potted plant. Hey, better than the half dead reptiles my cat used to bring home.

  6. Don't get hung up on the calories you burn within a 1-hour class. Think more on the calories you consume or burn the other 23 hours. The calorie burn for cardio stops the moment you stop the work out. Floor exercises are to help you build and/or maintain muscle--and muscle is a calorie burning machine outside of class. THAT's what you want to keep. I burn anywhere from 430-530 calories per class and there's really no correlation to my weight unless I'm also making nutritional adjustments.

  7. YTA. Do you even like your GF? Why is she with you? You interrupted her on a call and you think it's rude that she waved you to go away? How is it silly that she's learning? What she does on her own time is her business, right?--just like you and the boys?

  8. I think your push should feel uncomfortable for sure, not "good". I've actually lowered my base so that I can get back to green. Ultimately you want enough of a difference between your "challenging, but doable" and your "uncomfortable" pace for you to gain benefits (there is a decreasing return on those benefits to your metabolism once you get beyond 20 minutes in orange/red zones). If you haven't asked the staff to recalibrate your heart rate, this could be a good time.

  9. NTA. Doesn't matter what rapport he has with his friends. As BF and GF, you both should be prioritizing each other's feelings regardless of your other circles. Your BF is being both ridiculous and concerning -- sounds like it doesn't matter to him how YOU feel about a matter, as only HIS view is correct. My spouse and I have been married almost 30 years and I still ask if I could have anything off his plate (most of the time each of us offers first).

  10. When I first got this membership I was appalled it didn’t include monthly guest passes. I’ve honestly never had a gym/fitness membership that did not include this. I also think it’s crazy to have to pay extra for hell week or any challenges. OTF memberships exceed nearly every other type of monthly fitness membership. Just chatted with a friend who cancelled theirs recently about this same stuff. It’s wild. I like the workout but the second there’s a closer alternative, I’ll have to make the jump. My pocket is empty here.

  11. 24 hour fitness used to have free guest passes. I asked a few months ago and now a guest has to pay $20 for one-day access.

  12. It would be nice to have a free guest pass, however, if you are unlimited ... i don't think you should have to pay for challenges. Case in point - Mayhem you had to pay an extra $15 dollars to essentially pay for your own reward of a water bottle. If I am unlimited and I participated in 4 out of the 7 days of Mayhem ... then the water bottle should be awarded as a gift. My $179 monthly fee has paid for it 10 times over!

  13. My region this year gave all 2-year+ members free registration to ALL challenges!

  14. Still serve both pizza and pasta at the huge location in Orlando.

  15. Is that location like a testing restaurant? I believe I was in there once back in 2006 and was bewildered that McD's had sub sandwiches on the menu!

  16. It is sexist. My guess is it’s an evangelical studio owner who thinks it’s incumbent upon women to regulate the sexual thoughts and actions of men.

  17. There can also be complaints from other women who actually feel insecure working out next to someone who in their eyes is fit enough to go sports bra only. Sorta like all those reports from Planet Fitness that if you look too fit you don't belong in a gym where you might scare off less fit-looking members.

  18. While you shouldn't have to change your plans for others, if you start on rower and end on treads, there won't be anyone immediately after you. Or, if that couple consistently uses certain station numbers, choose one further away? I personally am not grossed out. You're in a gym, you're exercising hard, everyone sweats!

  19. YTA. That's hysterical to tell her to "warm up" to your family gradually. Your insecurities are showing mightily. You owe HER the apology as you ought to be proud of her mulit-lingual abilities. She didn't hide it--she just assumed you didn't care about it. She didn't show you up, you're just being insecure. Well, she doesn't deserve you so don't expect any contact now.

  20. YTA. Why is this single day so important? Could you not have visited your father on a different day (like the day before)? You pooped on every thing your husband expressed and complained he made you feel like crap. When does he get a turn? When does he get appreciated? Wouldn't your father have enjoyed seeing the grandkids if he has such limited time? So many ways you could've been unselfish about this but you chose to dump all over the father of your own children so you could have time you lost track of.

  21. My child worked there during high school. People regularly just didn't notice that tips were accepted. Those that did usually just handed over pocket change, if they actually had any. Sonic did not offer direct deposit and schedules were posted on paper in the restaurant, so to find out your schedule, you had to call in or go in person when it was posted. Very low tech and in no hurry to improve. My kid left for Panda Express which paid a lot more.

  22. ESH. Sounds like you didn't tell your sis about the cake, so depending on the severity of the allergy, an AH move. Also, at age 7, the nephew needs to be aware now that baked goods can contain peanut (my son was the same way and pretty much declined offers of baked goods unless we knew in advance what was in them). You could also consider a more equalizing way of serving cake--perhaps cupcakes in different varieties so that they look equal, rather than a stand-by cake relegated out of sight in the kitchen.

  23. I treat some tread blocks as the mental challenge part of my work out. It's only 23 minutes. That's about the same amount of time as hitting snooze 2 or 3 times an alarm. On long blocks, I'll change my speed by .1 up or down every 15-30 sec which keeps me focused. If your studio is permissive, you could just prop your phone on the tread and watch what you want.

  24. Go work the front desk at a gym. You'll get a flurry of activity during the peak times, like before and after work. Then lots of dead time; your other tasks will be mostly administrative or maybe some cleaning--fairly easy to fake or do slowly. Get a shift that's mid-day/early afternoon, which are pretty slow.

  25. Elite and professional athletes take easy days and recovery days. So I'm going to bet on myself not to think too amateurishly and respect my body when it needs an easier day.

  26. The posting is one of two choices for the people who are registered to complete the REMIX this week. It's "required" only if they don't want to do the 5 mile challenge but still qualify for prizes.

  27. Coaches coach what they know, and in truth, finding personal trainers who actually row or understand rowing form is tough. There's an entire section in the coach training devoted to diagnosing and correcting rowing issues, but if the coach doesn't have that experience, it's challenging to recall and takes a lot of practice--which you know when a class is in progress, there's little time to do. Not an excuse, but definitely an area for improvement.

  28. NTA. If it works out, and only if you're inclined, could you pay for her to stay in a motel far away from you for a couple of weeks or month and time it with your move? And make that the only time you use your own finances to get her out of your space.

  29. Soft YTA. Your brother deserves to be called what is meaningful to him, just the same as her other uncles. And if you're raising your daughter to be bilingual, she has to also learn when and to whom to speak each language. You're restricting one language in favor of another when the learning ought to happen much more organically. Don't tell her it's wrong to use Tio, just have her start saying "Uncle" because it makes her uncle happy!

  30. YTA. Quit with making up a punishment on the spot that turns out to just be a power play. You and your daughter need to sit down and agree on a list of consequences BEFORE the infraction. Your daughter will always remember how you made her feel over what you told her. (I still regret 20 years later that I made my kids throw away their favorite toys when I had an emotional moment and wanted to punish them on the spot--you bet they still remember that.)

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