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Back in July was shocked with an >11 A1C. Have been trying my best to eat right and exercise since. Haven’t been this far under 240 in 20 years. Not much but it feels huge. Feeling the need for some good vibes w/out a real support network.

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  1. Why of all things has it been the warhammer community to make me question my sexuality the most as of late.

  2. It's one thing to state an empirical objective fact , yes being overweight is inherently unhealthy with greater risk of things such as heart disease ,clogged arteries and diabetes, it is another thing however to mock belittle and just be downright rude to those whom are overweight who often struggle with low self esteem and self image issues due the very same condition so if you are going to tell someone ( which some admittedly do need to hear it ) please do so in a respectful and constructive/ considerate way . Sincerely, a fat guy.

  3. This post isn’t belittling at all. But even it it was then so what? Either you take a second, think about yourself and make a change or you just keep going with your life Sincerely, someone who actually takes care of themselves

  4. And some do , don't get me wrong , I agree with the post ,but a lot of people put in the effort but simply don't have the support structure needed to make a significant change .be that a moral support structure of friends and family. A financial support structure as very often the most healthy foods that would significantly improve one's diet to assist in making such a change are most certainly not the cheapest ones . I know Im going to get down voted either way , but I leave you this , please from the bottom of my heart don't tear down those who have already been torn down enough .Support them cheer them on encourage them push them to be better , dont step on those downtrodden, lift them up be better , please.

  5. Oh fuck I think I just pulled something from struggling under the sheer weight of that irony there's too much

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