1. I am prepared to state that I have oceanfront property in Iowa for sale.

  2. I’m a rather poor swimmer, but the wetsuit helps me quite a bit. Roughly 5-7 seconds / 100y. I’m wearing one for my 70.3 this weekend not for the speed but for the added buoyancy. I’ve found when I do wear it I can focus more on my form and expend less energy staying in proper position.

  3. I enjoy all the special guests, but Chris clicks much better than any others. I think his approach to taking it much more serious than Trill helps by not making it a “replacing Trill” vibe. He stands on his own. I agree that him full time would be great.

  4. Best of luck to Trill and I respect his decision as everyone should. That being said, this completely and utterly sucks. I’ll still support the BTMB, but the enjoyment that Trill and pod brought the last few years has been amazing and will be tough to top.

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