1. A person who can barely afford clothes to begin with isn't really going to give a shite whether it's made sustainably or ethically

  2. Most people go over the limit from time to time. You either don't drive or you're pretending you don't

  3. Take a step back from your upbringing and realise western europe has been doing this sorta thing, namely criminialising calling for genocide (THIS IS WHAT IT IS MAINLY USED FOR) etc. for years and it has only worked wonders. The slippery slope theory that the government would limit you in any way is just a fallacy and American indoctrination.

  4. He isn't even contradicting himself. He just doesn't want the Federal government to legally control what you can and can't say.

  5. Given a finite plot of land, we would produce a lot more food by growing crops on it rather than using it for cattle. And this would be better for the environment.

  6. If only we had the fertiliser for converting Ireland into mostly tillage farms.

  7. "You load 16 tons, what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt"

  8. American beer is nice though. It tastes the same any lager really

  9. the madness isn't only at who, one of our parliament persons in France said that we should not call rats rats anymore because it is bad connoted word, and they provided an obsolete naming that's indeed correct but also ridiculous: le surmulot.

  10. Or one where Communism has been truely achieved as in zero capitalist policy has been enforced in order to keep the country afloat

  11. If this manga shows a shitty world map its only a matter of time before it becomes an actual mod.

  12. Then how would a simple rentoid like you find a home? Rentoids don’t have the intelligence to be able to understand how to house themselves. Without us benevolent landlords, they would all be homeless and penniless with only funky pops to their name.

  13. This will only get them back to where they were 10yrs ago. It's a disgrace the pollution coming off agriculture. 5% of GDP, 6% of the workforce and 37.5% of Irelands total emissions. And for what you make Larry Goodman even richer or the shareholders of Glanbia.

  14. I would support all vapes of any kind being banned, as well as cigs.

  15. That'd probably work about as well as banning alcohol in Ireland

  16. Coke is absolutely nectar from the gods, but that makes it too powerful

  17. She knows her hurl is broken, she should leave the field to get a replacement. Whats the point of insisting on safety gear if someone is carrying a GAA shank.

  18. I'd imagine that she'd get one once the passage play is over.

  19. You could nearly apply those two terms to America to be fair

  20. I don't care what the ramifications are I want to laugh at the Europoors

  21. EU4 has sex (including getting cucked by your advisors every 20 years).

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