FIFA president open to North Korea hosting World Cup

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Transformers: Rise of the Beasts | Official Trailer

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  1. Yeah, meet Putin with a precision snipe to the head from miles away.

  2. Send in a team of Navy SEALS as the Kremlin's preferred plumbing operation. Just be sure to "make it look like a tragic accident," of course... no one wants WW3. /s

  3. And so we don't die. Because if Putin pushes that big red button of nukes... then, per our still-standing policy of MAD, so do we.

  4. Safari Ferrari and M3 next pls.

  5. Hilarious but I support the off road sport/super car trend

  6. Same here. Just wish it was something more affordable.

  7. Now shipping to Various Arab Prince's underground garages across the middle east. Never to be driven again after dust baths.

  8. As well as that one Alaska oil heir who's a psycho on the roads and a general entitled dickwad off of them... buuuuut is at least willing to, well, drive the damned thing.

  9. The Universal exec realizing that Miyamoto actually wanted Chris Pratt to play... Chris Pratt:

  10. Looking forward to it if it's a city based open world game, the teaser image looks like a location in Asia (or a mishmash of different cities combined)

  11. Ya think so? It looks more like Miami for me, tbh.

  12. Photos taken moments before disaster strikes...

  13. "I've been told she's a real Monster Hunter (2020)! A bigly one, even... the best."

  14. They don’t broadcast the matches, but don’t worry, football lovers: the Glorious Leader will personally announce the results, so at least you’ll know if your team won or not.

  15. All except the South Korean team, who mysteriously disappear without a trace and are never seen again.

  16. Gulag? I thought they had to keep him in Qatar... /s

  17. It doesn't say that it'll be animated. The creative named here isn't known for animated movies so I'm willing to bet that it's live action.

  18. ...ah, blow me. Better this than another insipid remake, I guess.

  19. Great idea, Disney. But is it animated like the OGs, or yet another live-action slog? I really think that'll determine the response here...

  20. There are definitely more rehashes now. Back in the 90's there were so many movies that became near instant classics as they were original stories: Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Braveheart, Independence Day (debatable, but still a classic I think), Fight Club, Matrix, American Pie. Various genres, very different pictures, but they were new things in the movie world. All of them were classics within 1-2 years of release.

  21. Dark Knight, Baby Driver and Denis' DUNE come to mind. Aside from that... not much, really.

  22. What a wonderful shitshow, lmao. While I sympathize with VAs deserving better pay, I don't sympathize with Taylor's digging-her-own-grave (metaphorically speaking) bullshit. At least direct people to a real Catholic charity, like the Knights or something. Christ.

  23. ...dammit, dude, I hadn't gotten that far yet! >:(

  24. I wonder if this movie is going to boost Chris Pratt's career or tarnish it? I guess we'll have to wait for the full release.

  25. The man's already got season 2 of Terminal List (probably), another Tomorrow War (yes,

  26. Oh this is absolutely my favorite Sonic game, and I've never been more hopeful and excited for Sonic's future. Love the story, and the Open Zone format, but think Cyberspace ranges from ok to outright awful (the 2-D levels being the worst part of the game). I have a lot tiny issues that pile up over time, but I imagine those will all be ironed out in the sequels.

  27. Here's hoping! Definitely feels like their most solid base in years... I just hope they stick with it for a fucking change, instead of throwing it out to ape whatever fad is hot this time around.

  28. If you're having trouble quick stepping Squid's shots you can also jump over them. On the boss phase parry his stike, and whale on him. You should probably get Sonic Boom, and either stomp or wild rush to use as a combo extender before trying again if you didn't buy them yet. If it blocks you can either cyloop or quick cyloop it away.

  29. Thanks! Left my Switch at home because studies, but I'll try this as soon as I get back for Christmas break. How ya liking the game, anyway?

  30. Bee: the Kid-Appeal Character that'll FUCK... YOU... UP if ya hurt his buddies! God, can't wait to see him again - he was always my favorite, and I think this scene encompasses why.

  31. Bri'ish marketing campaign of Mario goes hard, feel free to screenshot

  32. Indiana Jones and the Society of Underpaid Artists

  33. I was in one, but have since left. Any ither ideas?

  34. Gonna give you a protip real quick. If your account is active in or runs any NSFW subreddits, your account will show up as NSFW as well, and nobody will be able to see your profile pic unless they click on your profile. To me and everyone else here, you’ve been a generic Redditbot silhouette this whole time.

  35. Really? Huh, never knew that. Any way to undo it or...?

  36. I disagree quite heavily, but this movie simply isn't for everyone. That's how it was,even before the Internet and smartphones, it had this 'watching paint dry' reputation.

  37. Clearly. Every time I suggested giving it a shot, my folks - who aren't the youngest, mind you - just rolled their eyes. At this point, I think I might just watch it myself... because, paint-drying or not, it is Stanley fucking Kubrick.

  38. One which repeats again... and again... and again... and AGAIN...

  39. They also basically retconned the whole history of transformers in almost every movie.

  40. You can tell they were running outta ideas, lol...

  41. Both are trying way too hard to remain relevant

  42. I mean RLM movies feel like dollar bin movies while Channel Awesome feels like an asshole shoved a camera in peoples faces and forced them to reference pop culture.

  43. True. Still, this latest HITB seems... a bit try hard. They couldn't have made it about the tirefire that is Black Adam (2022) because...?

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