1. she's breaking the sound barrier with those tail wags

  2. i know this is going to sound like an excuse, but a professional cricket team just shit in the bed

  3. That sounds very familiar but I'm not going to pretend that I know what it means

  4. apparently a witness saw a dude in expensive clothes throw down and beat a woman, later identified as one of the rippers vitims. there was also a dude on a bench next to the victim, and the guy beating the woman (presumably the ripper) yelled "Lipski" and the witness started running, with the dude on the bench behind him. people assumed that this meant that Jack the Ripper had an accomplice named Lipski, but apparently a Jewish man with the last name Lipski had been arrested a year earlier and convicted of murder, and Lipski became an antisemitic slur in London, and also the witness was a Jew, so the Ripper was just being an antisemitic asshole and when the witness got spooked and ran off, the dude on the bench followed because he probably was also spooked because oh yeah, there was a dude beating a woman and throwing her to the floor

  5. Yorkies were bred to hunt rodents, and squirrels are rodents, so he's just calling upon the wrath of his ancestors

  6. this will age like wine since the trailer will be 12 seconds of only humans and the bots in their vehicle modes that we've already seen

  7. Sweet rolls. it was me Barry, i was the sweet roll thief

  8. that poor merchant. wasn't him getting his cart constantly destroyed by the avatar enough for you?

  9. he looks so pissed at you. C'mon man you already killed me, might as well do it properly and end my suffering

  10. Sorcerer: a giant fancy bed that's way too expensive but you can only sleep a few hours in it

  11. i can just imagine him with a deep, smoker, American south accent

  12. depends alot on which version and if we get other Kaiju as well. cause if it's late Showa or the Monsterverse one and just them, then yes, since they'd just be chilling. however, if other kaiju showup then no, even with those two. because even if they are on our side (mostly), the battles they have with other kaiju would be so devastating. then with only the hostile godzilla's (millenium versions, heisei somewhat, godzilla earth, 98, ultima, shin) we would be screwed. with the hostile versions and other kaiju, then hell no. even if we have some friendly kaiju like Mothra, Godzilla is consistently one of, if not the most powerful kaiju in those continuities (not counting Shin and 98 where he is the only one in those continuities), and the battles would still be devastating.

  13. How common is genocide in your world that there is a whole divine portfolio that is dedicated to it?

  14. to be fair he is essentially the god of dictatorships, and genocide tends to happen in those

  15. he looks like he's mad at you for waking him from his nap

  16. his what. i haven't heard of these guys before what the fuck happens

  17. "There once was a man named Oedipus Rex, you may have heard about his odd complex, his name appears in Freud's index 'cause he loved his mother. His rivals used to say quite a bit, that as a monarch he was most unfit. Still in all they had to admit that he loved his mother. Yes he loved his mother like no other, his daughter was his sister and his son was his brother. On one thing on which you can depend is, he sure knew who a boy's best friend is! When he found what he had done he tore his eyes out one by one; a tragic end to a loyal son who loved his mother." -Tom Lehrer

  18. those antlers as big as her. what did this moose eat? Pym Particles?

  19. Well, maybe you should review a typical table of PCs first before asking this question. Odds are damned good that none of them are actually human. And all of them expect that their characters will receive the same treatment as a human within a settlement regardless of how monstrous and demonic their character may appear.

  20. i'm not mad at players, i'm mad at the settings themselves

  21. I suppose their rarity is what makes them unique. And I apologise for calling you a fantasy racist. It reads harsher than I intended.

  22. nah it's ok. and yeah, a tortle empire would be unstoppable with all the ac they get

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