1. As long as pokémon is a thing the anime will never die. However this maybe ash's last ride

  2. Wished we get James Dolan: A Legacy of Failure and the New York Knicks: A Half-Century of Failure videos someday.

  3. No no he deserves an hour long video on how big of a bitch and a horrible owner he has been

  4. Yes I don't see them coming out of this either but this is the best thing about baseball..... if you have outs you have life. Last time I checked they have a minimum of 27 outs left to force a game 7. We've been wrong before, let's see what Saturday brings

  5. Man I don't know how he did it but not only did he do it he flat out made it work and is in contention to win the Championship. It was so badass regardless of what happens the rest of his career he will be remembered for going all out to do what it takes to win a championship

  6. This fucking guy. He's got everything except a championship. Like come on man

  7. I love me some eagles right now but I think there ahead of schedule. If they can keep the team from this year going into next year then I will believe that they will be. Buffalo talent for talent is by far the best team. I'm just scared they put so much pressure on themselves to win this year that they won't

  8. Game 1 was there chance. And that was the ultimate dick punch. I personally am not shitting on them. Not enough hitting nor just overall talent to beat the asterisks. They will be back

  9. Are we really gonna trust the maple leafs or the oilers to win the cup? Leafs can't win a series and the oilers have one of the worst defenses in the league and nothing outside there 1st line. And people now have film on there coach

  10. How does this fucking happen. Like how? I really want to know. Your the lead leader in sports and u can't figure out what cardnals team your talking about

  11. You know something is horribly wrong when the FUCKING NUGGETS are more enticing to watch than the Broncos

  12. The nuggets have been more exciting and the better franchise for the last 5 years. But this city is so blinded by orange and blue they don't care

  13. What's going wrong with the Patriots? Or is it the Ravens are just a better team?

  14. Mac Jones maybe done for the year cause of injury suffered yesterday

  15. Broncos would probably be a legit super bowl contender if they can get that offense going with Russell Wilson. They have a super bowl defense, they just need to get that offense going.

  16. No doubt that defense looks like a super bowl defense. That's why I said if the Broncos offense can finally gel together, and there defense is able to rest and all that, they can win the division

  17. Yes and no. Yes because it's his 23rd season and took 11 days off and goes out and completes 80% of his passes for 200 yards. And no because this man is in his 23rd year and he's just that dude. He's just that great

  18. If everything else goes the same as in Hopkins ends up in Arizona Allen will still be successful as in putting up decent numbers but definitely no where near where he is now

  19. yeah definitely. i’m also curious on what would happen to the bills if they didn’t pick josh allen and went with josh rosen. i mean josh rosen hasn’t really had a chance to develop and sean mcdermott is a great head coach, so maybe rosen turns out to be really good.

  20. Honestly Rosen probably would have had success earlier cause he was more grommed than Allen was when drafted

  21. This kid has arguably the best team he has ever created. One of the best dragon types, one of the best ghost types and the best fighting type in the entire game. If they make him lose this fight the fans of the show will never ever let them live it down. Now in terms of what else he needs to do, his pikachu should take down togekiss no question (unless it already is dead. I haven't watched because I'm waiting to see it all one by one). Because of plot armor, it's gonna come down to Cynthia's Mega OP garchomp probably dyanamaxed vs his lucario megaevolved. But again if they make him lose this fight and tournament in probably his last on screen appearance, the fans will never ever let the company live it down. And I thought they were brutal after the Kalos fight

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