extruded.aluminium factory Jun 22

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  1. Do you have the focus motor? That thing is great. I use it to zoom my lens in and out.

  2. I’ve thought about it but it always struck me as something that was really big and cumbersome that may not be worth it. I’ll have to re-examine!

  3. I haven’t found it adds to much girth or weight. The 2022 version has a stronger motor but you wouldn’t know it from its size.

  4. I know some “groomers” and their fucking sickos. I would let me kids ANYWHERE near these fucks.

  5. Pinching that wire. in the hinge part of the mirror, with a piece of very dry wood seems like a total fire hazard.

  6. This is truly amazing! I already gave a version to my grandfather so I think we’re all set. But you truly have a gift! Thank you!

  7. my quick stab with AI help

  8. Would you take $400? I know it seems like a lowball but that’s what they’re selling for on eBay.

  9. The battery on the RP is atrocious. Go with the R6. You will be so happy. Buy once cry once. The facial tracking on both photo and video is next level. I have an RP as well and I’m going to sell it. It’s in mint condition if you decide you want to go with an RP. But you should absolutely get the R6.

  10. It ok to call it Spanish monkeypox but China’s covid was racist? Ok got it. I guess it’s (D)ifferent.

  11. As long as the barrel is longer then 16inches. If you put it on a Remington tac-14 or a a moss-berg shockwave that has a 14inch barrel, it would be considered a short barrel shotgun and that’s illegal in NY and nation wide without a proper tax stamp. Hope this helps.

  12. Looks the same when I release my dam after Taco Bell. 🌮

  13. Hang some plants inside or outside that window. Maybe some sort of vine?

  14. Oh nice! Yea it's so disheartening to see people use things like the as a means to say "see! Zoos are bad!" But I've been pleasantly surprised with how many people have been open to and have wanted to learn more about accredited zoos and how they're different than roadside zoos. Give you mom my best 😊👍

  15. Absolutely. The amount of animals they save and give a good life is only one part of the many great things accredited zoos do. I definitely will!

  16. My mom is the director for an AZA accredited zoo and I have to fully agree with you. It gives zoos their bad names.

  17. Obviously. He posted it for all the criminals in this page.

  18. I love how confidently you posted a 45 minute lecture and expected more than a handful of people to watch it.

  19. I was only gonna watch 5 minutes and stayed for the whole thing. And I’ve seen it before.

  20. Ss: pay afuckingttention. The fuckery is strong with this one. Sorry if it’s a repost.

  21. Basically, everything they said in Avatar about plant communication through roots is true in the real world. Tree roots produce all the same neurotransmitters found in the human brain, plus some we don’t produce, and plants in a healthy ecosystem are in constant communication via an underground network of fungal threads called a mycelial mat. The mycelium bonds with roots of 90%+ of all known plant species. They cooperate through this network, even providing nutrients to saplings that otherwise might die from being outcompeted. This multi-species network bonded through the mycelium has way more neural capacity than the human brain.

  22. “Fantastic fungi” on Netflix is fucking amazing. Explains this all in depth.

  23. Even if she is dead, open up the grave and fuck her. Doesn't matter alive or dead. Sex is sex

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