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  1. Usually FA in PH the are low class sale men!/women that don't understand the market or even thier own product they are selling.

  2. I'll. Be real this guy acts like someone that's been abused. Sad that an abused kid that's well educated ended up like this up made it to PH number 1 spot. Shows for far the corruption runs. From family to state. :)

  3. Transfer to gcash until you have a new account.

  4. Some people forget the security and the technology aspect of coins. Doesn't mean it will pump just that you are able to do different things with different coins and so on.

  5. Not all, the deeper you dive into more coins the more you see some have specific use cases. Some are privacy coins that make it virtually impossible to be tracked.

  6. You seem really sheltered time to step out of your comfort zone.

  7. You don't need exchanges at all. Look into defi you can make trades on decentralized exchanges on various networks. If your thinking of withdrawaling at a lose just because crypto is down just take it off the exchange.

  8. Fallout vibes, forgot how many times I died to this mini boss

  9. Buy in bear market sell in bull market. Ignore the hypemen and the extreme bears

  10. Shouldn't be an issue I travel often and haven't had an issues, but I would never keep all my funds on exchanges get a hot and cold wallet.

  11. So how much to get my hands on a steam deck? Shipping and everything?

  12. With 240k u can move closer during the week and it wouldn't even dent it

  13. It's always depegged, busd or usdc are a lot better

  14. BUSD has a 10% interest for up to $2000 right now :)

  15. Not a big deal you're overthinking it. Go apply and get a job.

  16. Oh no it would be a shame if now I would have to pirate it

  17. If you are hold 100% Php you are doing something wrong.

  18. I left a good paying IT job for freelance. Worked for about a year about 3x my take home with multiple clients. Now I'm going back with my previous salary to upskill myself more in IT with a good salary but will be retaining some of my clients. It's really about how you leverage your time.

  19. Would honestly ignore your parents on not getting a bank account. Usually finding a job online is pretty easy if you speak good English.

  20. I have a bank account but my parents don't let me access it! I have money saved there and they've been using it as their 3rd bank account...

  21. Would fix that right away create a new one, open gcash,, pay Maya something they will not know about or control. Your at adult age and need to start being financially independent.

  22. If ur really tight on money, SSD upgrade and ram upgrade

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