1. Bought vintage pilot pocket pen from

  2. I'll have to do some searching to figure out how this works, but thanks for the input! I never would've thought of it on my own.

  3. This is something about purchasing fountain pens from Japan. Maybe it is helpful?

  4. If you've lost that many pens, are you sure you want to get back into using them?

  5. It's not great practice to lose pens obviously. But I miss the feeling of writing with them. Spending ~$5-30 on a pen and writing with it daily for 1-3 years is worth it to me.

  6. Understood. As I stated, take a look at those links. People swear by the Chinese pens and for the price (and quality), you can't go wrong. Good luck at university!

  7. Just looking around her site - are you meant to physically do the walk in these locations along with the video? And are the videos available online or are they only avaiable when exhibited with a gallery?

  8. You’re supposed to do the walk. I’ve done of theirs in London (Whitechapel) and in NYC (Central Park).

  9. Do a search on this sub for Noodlers. You'll see all of the controversial opinions, locked posts and all. Have at it!

  10. You have so many great Pilot pens in your posts. Is the bottom one a new acquisition? I can’t remember if I’ve seen it in earlier posts. At any rate they all look wonderful.

  11. Thank you! I’ve never posted this Pilot before and it’s the only pocket pen (by Pilot) I own with a Sterling Silver cap. It just got moved into the rotation.

  12. It might be a good way to move the e95s pen slightly upmarket with e.g. sterling silver cap. The legacy is there and I do not see a reason e95s could not get more love (and more versions/special editions) like VP does.

  13. I was just saying that I wish this came with a lipstick red barrel

  14. Hopefully I’d someone doesn’t like it, they won’t spend the time commenting.

  15. Is there a reason it has to be Japanese? A Kaweco Sport Steel is the closest thing I can think of. It weighs 41g.

  16. Really? If you’re worried about scratching it, hold it tightly and shake vigorously, with the nib pointed away from you. After you’ve flung it, and bent the nib, let it air dry overnight.

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