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  1. Mark and Lexie, they were my favorite characters. Both were heartbreaking to watch.

  2. I started rewatching a couple weeks ago and I knew it was going to happen, though was still totally surprised (again) when it did. I was on season 5 thinking there was still another season until then. I thought it was at the end of season 6 instead of the end of season 5.

  3. This one specifically Amy. But the one with Terry and Charles in the striped shirt and suspenders, it was 100% Charles imo.

  4. I’m not even sure what’s going on in the video. What are you referring to?

  5. I rarely eat tuna but when I do I usually mix the tuna and water together that comes in the can (so that it isn’t all liquid-y). Then I put it in a bowl with mayonnaise and a couple small pieces of celery then mix it together. I then spread that on some bread to make a sandwich.

  6. I actually posted this almost a year ago, I thought the black suit was venom though. I seen it in Miles Morales on ps4, the quality was terrible when I was trying to take a picture to see what it was lol.

  7. Imagine being the a*s that downvoted this for no reason.

  8. Same, I think based off casting and leaked stuff they seem to have a better foundation. Not to mention I think they’ve learned their lesson from the movie that they need more time to really tell the story

  9. I haven’t been paying much attention to it, I’ve only seen a few casting leaks. But it looks promising, or at least better than the movie so far.

  10. Those two girls in the background giggling when the kid's face is placed near the teacher's crotch..

  11. That was probably uncomfortable af lol. It was like 12 seconds in the video, and I looks sped up so it was actually even longer than that.

  12. I’m literally watching this exact scene right now.

  13. When I read “gallon of water” I was thinking like a gallon of milk. I was like no way only six of them little things are 50 pounds. Then I realized the gallon of water you’re talking about is the big blue plastic jugs for like water coolers.

  14. The art is really good but the eye on that kid is uncanny. Kinda freaking me out tbh.

  15. Best part is bill looking at Charles like that 😂

  16. I can't believe they only showed her once and then the whole storyline was basically forgotten about

  17. Right! Like she’s mentioned once and then shown once and literally nothing after that.

  18. I would too, likely won’t happen for a while if they even decide to do it. I would like to see Joey and Tuck in the series if they’d ever do it. Or if greys is still on in a couple years I’d like to see Joey as an intern.

  19. Awesome, my psn is Kingz-Ghostt if you want to add me.

  20. I usually don’t listen to music while playing Arkham games, because I want to hear the dialogue and other sounds in the game. On occasion when I do, and when I play other games, I listen to whatever is in my playlist. There’s over 400 songs in it, so I just hit shuffle and listen to what comes on. Even then though, I usually have it a fair bit quieter than whatever game I’m playing.

  21. I'm getting so tired of people bitching and moaning about Bailey.

  22. I’m not even sure what the big thing is about her that everyone hates. I barely pay attention tbh though. I remember that she’s army reserve and a firefighter, which doesn’t seem far fetched. What are the other jobs she has that everyone is making a fuss about?

  23. Pink/Blue/White will always be my favorite color combination. It already looks amazing.

  24. Ah that first desk. My first desk was a like diamond shaped wooden corner desk, it was so small it barley fit my console and monitor. I had an old wooden chair too, couldn’t shift you body on it without it creaking. Good times.

  25. I’m lactose intolerant, but cheesecake is sooo worth it.

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