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  1. Replace all wood, get some more defenses like a wall or something

  2. I’m not gonna bored you with numbers but here’s my two cent why I think you shouldn’t build Manticore like this

  3. When my cat is sleeping on me and I want to get up and I’m trying to think of how to get it off without waking it up

  4. IS THAT A STAPLE CLASS! I fucking love those things.

  5. Yeah it looks cool, it is fun to refit but the post clearly exampled the problem with staples.

  6. Conquests aren't slow at all, they're the second fastest capital after the Odyssey and have a mobility system. They're also not meant for anchoring but as flanking snipers.

  7. You misunderstood, I meant the Staple is. (The one in the op’s pic)

  8. I am definitely 1000% feel a lot more incentivized to clear a stage on my own efforts without sanity penalty.

  9. hope you find what you are looking for : D

  10. ill look it up and send them all, cause I have no idea witch mod is for what

  11. Ludd be with you, because that thing looks mean af brother! It will bring fear to the unbelievers.

  12. They’re not IEDs, it’s your everyday normal Prometheus mk ii.

  13. It looks pretty nsfw to me, definitely not something I can pull up at work and not get weird looks

  14. That's fair, but it's relatively tame compared to the other things on the sub that get marked as nsfw.

  15. Both of Mudrock's skins, because they're pretty and I like Mudrock, even if I don't have her. I bought Mountain's too before I got him.

  16. Both of Murdock skin (did not have her until just a week ago) and because I don’t have her I forgot I already bought 1 skin for her and bought phenomenal agent too.

  17. Crazy idea, but how about making a normal bench and have the disabled park next to the bench

  18. Poor Doctor just minding his own business.

  19. As a matter of facts, he will. And I’m too tired of pretending he won’t

  20. We don't give a shit mate if you die you're just. . . Protein. Just easier to catch that's it.

  21. thankyou to all dokutah who use these as support operators!

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