You got me stone faced

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  1. Both, trust me, once you edge your body to cum and suddenly stop, you can cause something worst.

  2. Work out, I'm doing it from Monday to Friday

  3. It's ok brother, we always have a trigger. Mine is my sister and ch1ldren, and I'm aware of that's is something very bad. That's why I begun leaving this kind of life before a do something with anybody. I don't want to hurt anybody. You are not alone, and you have to Keep going, you won't stop until be free. Reject modernity, embrace masculinity, but the real one. Rise and fight.

  4. Speak with that person that you will cut the relationship for a while. Explain that your having a hard time and you need time to recover, that your saying this because the relationship is very important for you and that's why you are asking for time, if the person is agreed, you will know that the relationship matters, and that you have to recover for you and for that person.

  5. Did you block that guy? The last time I received a message was from a mate that is sharing a discord server to support us.

  6. Read about the issues that this thing has. Look yourself in the future as a good man with this addiction. Let me tell you something, this thing just not carries addiction to the pornography, when you go deeper, you will see that you will want to do what you watch. You won't see women as humans, you will see them as toys, as something just to have sex. You won't love yourself or love someone else. Look for something better that can provide you more dopamine that porn. Go out and walk alone, visit places by your own and then, you will meet people that you will go out with them, share the same hobbies. You are fighting the good fight, don't give, do it for yourself.

  7. My brother, fap is the way you can destroy yourself. Is more dangerous that drugs or alcohol, you won't feel good, you won't be able keep your friends, family or even a girlfriend. Fap change the way you look others and yourself. Is something that will take you down. Is not just sexual behaviour, is depression, is addiction, is pain. Come on brother, get up and fight, fight for a best future. You are on time to take a best path.

  8. Sometimes what you need is cry, take a walk or talk with someone else. Think that this issue can get worst, and you will hurt yourself. You are not alone with us. Keep fighting and look to become a good man. We can do it, and this is more that we think, this is a big step, a big challenge.

  9. In every single of us there's something that should change, and is the wish to keep watching porn and masturbating. You are fighting the good fight and sometimes we can fail, but you have to keep on your mind, on your soul that you are fighting for your future, for yourself. No matter how hard is it, is okay to cry, but don't give up. We are here to fight together, you are not alone.

  10. I don't know if I have the right to speak, but I'm 21 years old and I'm masturbating since I remember. I have to say that the things are not going well at all. I was the kind of kid like you, very sociable, active and energetic. But now I look myself, I'm bored of living, I'm having fatalist thoughts and the wish to have sex is getting so annoyed that I can't even look a woman as more something I need touch or have sex with her. I'm feeling so bad and sad that I can't even sleep well. This is something that destroy your more mentally that anything else.

  11. Bro i gets better trust me. I was introduced to porn by my sister when i was 7 or 8 and from then on the stuff just got worse im 22 now and I'm way better than i was. I used to beat it 5 times a day to the point that it hurt. I was just like y'all very energetic had bunch of friends till i was 17 since then i just went on a down spiral and became more and more depressed to the point of wanting to kms but i found nofap on the very month i was planning on doing it.

  12. Instead of 6 months, I’m redownloading on January 1st to see how things change.

  13. You’re taking something big and toxic out of your life and that leaves a hole. The most successful people here learned to fill that hole with something just as big and healthy. You’re not alone and this can be overcome I promise you it can be.

  14. I'm on the same situation and I'm looking for s solution. I feel empty and I hate myself. I just want to be happy. I'm thinking if a psychologist could be a good idea to get help. But I share this idea with you even if I'm not sure.

  15. But, everybody's forgetting that the season 4 is where the fun begins.

  16. Yep. In a few episodes the plot kicks in and shit starts getting real.

  17. Yeah, more with the Kurumi's arc. Holy cow; I'm excited

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