1. I googled a few different things for like 20 minutes this morning… I cannot, for the life of me, remember where I’ve seen him.

  2. I ended up uploading that picture and emailing the Disney Archives asking who he was. Hopefully they’ll answer if no one else can find it. It’s bugging me too.

  3. My Hamsangyi/Hamsgyi doll showed up a few days ago. He’s so soft and cute. I’ve been sick with Covid so he’s been keeping me company.

  4. The keychain is if you pre order it at GameStop. Not sure about the pen case though.

  5. Mmm... I don't think that's it. I can't find trailer I saw under that name.


  7. Ah yes you are right after all. Sorry about that, and thank you!

  8. Hi, I want to buy this device, but I'm not completely sure... Could you please tell me if you like it, if it is worth it if you already have tamagotchi pix and any pros/cons of it? Thanks in advice

  9. I’m enjoying it quite a bit, but a lot of that enjoyment comes from being a fan of the anime. You only get Chi-chan to take care of, and asides from appearing sad at times nothing bad happens if you just forget about him. The way to unlock things is very similar to the Pix (which I do have) where it depends on the colour of the pictures you take. There are lots of different pants, foods, and character bios to unlock with different colours but it does appear to be a bit random as taking the same picture twice sometimes gets different outcomes. I got mine for about $25 and it’s definitely worth that. I could see however that someone who is more in to virtual pets than the anime might find it boring, especially if you can’t read Japanese. I had to watch a few YouTube videos before I got the hang of it.

  10. Thank you so much for all the infos, you definitely convinced me to buy it ☺️

  11. I found a picture with all the unlock QR codes too. I have it saved somewhere on my phone, so if you can’t find them let me know :).

  12. This is from a game I used to play called, Myth 2: Soulblighter made by Bungie back in 1998. Was hoping someone could help me find this. I searched Google and I can only find what it's worth, but haven't found anyone that was selling one.

  13. I think I still have tokens from DZ buried somewhere in my house.

  14. I've searched for Belle and Sebastian and found the band, a movie and a cartoon, but nothing that looks like this. I bought this pin in Amsterdam because it reminds me of the sliding doors in Schiphol airport that has the same composition of a boy and a girl kissing in this position

  15. I think it’s an image associated somehow with the band. I found this shirt on Etsy that uses the same image.

  16. Any one else have or know other action figures that did this ?

  17. I assumed werewolves because of the moon featuring so much in marketing combined with the tagline “You won’t believe what you’ll become.” I do however work at a place that sells videogames so I’ve become pretty good over at guessing what games are about from the posters we get.

  18. Whoa, what is this made of? Cardboard? It looks amazing!

  19. It’s a series of craft kits that are called “paper theatres”. We sell them where I work. It’s not really cardboard, it’s like really thin wood that you have to punch the pieces out of. This one especially is rated either 4 or 4.5 out of 5 on the difficulty scale.

  20. Thanks for the reply! Do you know of any easier ones I could try first? (Doesn’t have to be Kirby related).

  21. There were a bunch of Demon Slayer ones that we carried that were rated one star. The instructions are mostly pictures but the writing is in Japanese. I recommend liquid glue and paintbrushes to have on had to help put together, that’s what I did.

  22. Someone (I think on YouTube) referred to him as a “Homato” with that hair colour lol.

  23. I wish I knew. I saw a little girl (maybe 6?) in the store get excited by a Darth Vader mask cause she though “it was the guy from Squid Game”. It was very bizarre.

  24. Creative googling seems to indicate it’s a logo for a defunct company called Crown Zellerbach.

  25. Dang. I haven't even gotten his last album yet. I plan to, but MX albums take priority and with how many albums they've had lately, plus all the different versions, I just haven't had the budget for them yet.

  26. I know the feeling. Really hoping his version of “soon” is after a paycheque or two.

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