1. you only have 34 friends?! add many more and grind that xp

  2. Well after lvl 40, it doesn't matter for gameplay purposes. I'll eventually hit lvl 50 some day so i'm not gonna stress about it.

  3. I m currently using Kagi..Results are good and it has good privacy policy...

  4. I'm currently using Brave Search atm and i like it, but i signed up for Kagi i'm gonna give it a try if i get an invite.

  5. Kagi is in beta state...You can try it now

  6. Yea i signed up and waiting for the email, unless i'm missing something?

  7. I quit Arena 2+ years ago whenever Twin Tyrant was in Arena. This new expansion i had a bunch of Arena tickets saved up so i figured might aswell try it out some Arena.

  8. Not sure what they mean. Extensions aren't exactly advanced it's a must have nowadays otherwise it's worse than Chrome lol.

  9. It seems to me that it is not perfect for everyone, it really depends on your use case. I mean, I don't need much from a browser, just make it secure and auto delete cookies and I'm fine. People are talking about DDG browser like they expected chrome with a DDG logo slapped on it. DuckDuckGo's mobile browser cuts out most of the features that a usual day to day browser would have for the sake of privacy on mobile, so I guess it is trying to so the same on desktops. Really want to try out Windows/Linux build when it comes out.

  10. I agree with you when it comes to mobile. For mobile all i need is a quick browser with built-in adblock and decent privacy like DDG/Brave, other features are just icing on the cake.

  11. Agree. If I have no tabs open and then open the browser for the first time after restart or reboot, it consumes all the resources and my device starts to hang. Back in 2018 and 2019, it caused blue screen deaths. Since then I am using it very cautiously. Even now I am not using it. I have shifted to better lightweight alternatives of ff forks and using edge 95 percent with their ram saving mode, vertical tabs, and using resources like it is not there at all. And on edge, I open on an average 50 to 150 tabs without any BSD or data loss or any issues.

  12. Edge's built in autotab-sleeper is so good. I'm on 50-100 tabs sometimes. PC can be on for days without crashes or running out of RAM. My only gripe with Edge is the bad privacy.

  13. I'm gonna be using Mega Steelix for the XL candy boost(drilbur, larvitar, swinub)

  14. Grass isn't bad just outclassed by electrics :/

  15. The rare candy nerf is deterring me from bothering with raids. I get two to six rare candy from a mega legendary raid if I'm lucky. A lot of the time I get zilch. Half my tier three raids give none and most tier three raids aren't stuff I want. A shiny Druddigon would be nice, but it's not worth the effort. Rockruff is alright, but I've had my share already. New Tapu will occupy me for a week maybe, but I'm skeptical on it's usefulness.

  16. The rare candy nerf is negliable. No one has posted data here yet, but i do atleast 2x free daily raids since the nerf and i haven't noticed any nerf(Tier5 before [email protected] week) as have others i've seen talking on the forum.

  17. Reshiram and Zekrom just returned in December. I don't want to see them anymore before at least one of their signature moves come. Thundurus-T last month is an excellent attacker if your electric team isn't complete. Same goes for Landorus-T, which makes Groudon unnecessary unless you want it for PvP.

  18. Yea i just listed a bunch off the top of my head. I don't need Thundurus/Landorus as i have electric/ground teams already but they had their shiny debut so no complaints about them.

  19. I mostly agree with you, and will likely do the same. But I still find it frustrating that Niantic has set up the new mega system so that it encourages people to use less optimal raid teams.

  20. Yea and i dunno how to fix it. If they make the Mega XL candy boost work for any species that would boost all wild spawns aswell. Which would be a little silly, and i don't think the game is coded in a way that it could apply the boost to raid pokémon only.

  21. They made the bonus regular candy work for any species in raids, but only matching species in the wild. So back when megas were first introduced someone at Niantic recognized the issue and found a way to code to avoid it.

  22. Right i totally forgot. I'm used to match a Mega for certain species during com day/events and then in raids all i look at "how many XL did i get?" lol

  23. I never dodge unless it's a one-hit KO type of move like Draco Meteor. I also try to use pokémon that resists the boss's charged move if possible.

  24. I use a similar strategy but i scout for the boss's moves before the raid by using the recommended team. It will recommend atleast a few pokémon that resists the charged move.

  25. PVP is designed in a way where you should win about 50% of the matches if you're at the right ELO. To counter this, people lose intentionally to lower their ELO and get themselves matched against people ranked well below them. This makes winning easier and this, allows more rewards.

  26. im so tired of people leaving raids. There’s something going around that you need 8+ people that should all be super powerful, but if everyone has decent counters it’s doable with 7. My gf and i have done 5 raids on poke genie with 7 people total and we have had 80+ seconds left. Then today i haven’t been able to keep anybody in the raid unless there’s at least 8 people

  27. I love Poke Genie but for this [email protected] week i had to put it on hold for another app that lets you invite 10 ppl, makes the raids going smooth and +200 energy every time.

  28. Apart from some short moments, the game has been boring for years. The few days of field research for various mega energy was way too short. Still need esp. Aerodactyl energy, but I just couldn't find it. But it got me into finally powering up a decent amount of good pokemon that had been waiting for it. Now hardly anybody is interested in [email protected] raids anymore and apart from that the raid pool is beyond terrible if you are with just one or two active players in your area. Most "fun" I have now is trying to get as many XL magikarp before they disappear again

  29. In all of existence of Firefox and I've been using it before it hit version 1.0 and I never had a webpage that would be "unusable". Ever.

  30. I hate Edge because it’s just stupid. Its desktop version is just idiotic. It’s intrusive, stubbornly clumsy, absolutely unflexible and I hate it. The way how Microsoft is so desperately pushing it and hard forcing some link types to open in it no matter what. Bing shit being shoved in it is just the rancid cherry on top…

  31. Exaggerating Andy. I had to use something as replacement for Firefox as it was unusable for a specific site for quite a while.

  32. You're always gonna run into some sites that don't work/work less than ideal on a certain browser. That's where you load up your secondary browser of choice.

  33. Maybe try Edge. It has an efficiency mode you can enable to reduce cpu/ram usage and increase battery life.

  34. Edge has ad-blocker on mobile? That's a shocker to me considering how the desktop version has none.

  35. I never get the experience I want for all the sites I visit using one browser.. I use Opera (heavily extended), Chrome (with an account and some extensions), Firefox (with alot of add blocking) and Samsung's default browser whatever its called...


  37. Tab heavy people should probably stick with Edge.

  38. I'm a tab heavy user from time to time. I like the auto-sleep tab feature in Edge but you can get similar function with an extension on other browsers.

  39. If you feel Chrome is too heavy and want an alternative to use less ram and load faster, sorry both of them won't help.

  40. While i like Edge's auto-sleep tab feature, you can do the same in other browsers with an extension. Also if you're on let's say 50+ tabs why not just bookmark some to revisit later?

  41. I would and am using Firefox for Windows and Brave for mobile.

  42. How many "tons of tabs" are we talking? If you run 50-100 tabs like me and didn't even bookmark once, tough luck lol.

  43. Is Twitch broken on Firefox/Librewolf again? I was a Firefox user for many years but had to switch to chromium browsers due to major glitches on Twitch all the time.

  44. Yeah I've been considering brave, but was also looking at vivaldi and seems pretty interesting, how would you compare them?

  45. Brave if you want a minimalistic chrome copy.

  46. Dodging is only worse if you have enough maxed out counters such that they won’t all feint in battle. Otherwise, dodging to preserve the maxed-out counters you do have ends up helping a lot.

  47. Also depends on moves/resistances. If i use my dark team vs psychic mewtwo i don't need to dodge.

  48. The "phantom glitch" where you dodged successfully only to receive the dmg on your next pokémon?

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