1. most creative way is to spread the ball thus spreading the defense and keeping them honest.

  2. I get what you’re saying, but you can’t just spread the ball around and run hitches to JJ. The team is implementing passing concepts that have answers to multiple coverages post-snap. More creative ways to use Jefferson will be confusing defenders with route concepts, alignments, and motion.

  3. Good list, but I think the defensive touchdown to beat the Rams in the 1969 divisional playoffs should be on this. It propelled us to our first SB appearance

  4. No you’re not. It will be KJ blocking inline. Book it.

  5. Falcons desperately need talent everywhere but they're in tank mode and won't give up any draft captial.

  6. Would be a great addition to the Bengals defensive staff

  7. This dude is about to average 25 yards per reception but only have about 15-30 catches with 5 of them being deep bomb TD's

  8. You never know anything for sure, but the probability is very high

  9. I like that Viking purple more than the current one

  10. Sure. I'm guessing Zimmer handled it a bit less tactfully, but KOC was on Gruden's staff when he was trying to convince him. Cousins talks about being coachable. Was he not coachable in Washington?

  11. Oh, okay. Yeah, I skipped out on Ayahuasca and just did mescaline. Ayahuasca did not look like a very fun drink. Just a bunch of extra crap to get the effects you could experience without all that extra liquid.

  12. It’s not supposed to be fun. DMT is the most transformitive hallucinogenic because it makes you face death. Your brain floods with the shit when you dream and die.

  13. While that is a hypothesis, the endogenous source and function of DMT are not yet known

  14. I shouldn’t act so sure about what I believe to be universal truth. I am speaking from experience FWIW.. nothing more or less.

  15. The thing is, people don't understand what those mean.

  16. Boyd was horrendous, it should be easy to get time in.

  17. There was never any real promise from Browning. Everyone was just mad that our QBs were unvaxxed

  18. Keep hearing more and more about the elbow lately. Stafford's always playing through something but it usually doesn't get mentioned unless it's a big deal.

  19. He definitely has tennis elbow (tendinitis in his elbow)

  20. That’s a really good deal for both parties. Dionte gets to prove himself with more guarantees, and the Steelers don’t pay a premium for a great-not elite receiver

  21. Does anyone have any word on how Asamoah has been doing? I haven’t seen anything on him in camp

  22. Im pretty sure chris reed was at center for this and is still figuring it out. Kirk not having the problem might just be bradbury snapping instead of reed.

  23. Twas Chris Reed. Idk why Borman is acting like it’s the QBs

  24. Not all the fumbled snaps came from Reed, but Will Ragatz mentioned Reed on a few of them.

  25. Use Madden to practice concepts and gap assignments. You can learn about them using the Weekly Spiral articles, Athletic articles, and a series of YouTube channels

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