1. Cos we have a dumb drinking culture? Also people in general are just dumb af.

  2. As ashame as it is for such a sweet kitten it's probably best to get it away from such a horrible brat. Best thing for the baby kittens health and happiness. I care more for the animals wellbeing than anything else.

  3. I honestly think it depends on how much you are getting and how much they are asking for. Are you a female or male? Either way you should still beleft with some money to buy things you need and enjoy. I ask if you're female cos buying your own period products and also bras, it costs more for that stuff lol.

  4. Hm interesting, when I was 16 and I stayed on in high school and we got ema, educatiaon maintenance allowance and as soon as I did I couldn't wait to and did buy all my own pads, tampons and soap cos I didn't like the maxi ones my mum got me lol. You are supposed to be fed by parents aren't you? like when you are still living at home I don't think it's fair or moral or nice to expect your child to buy all their own food, just cos you're a young teenager especially when you are just starting out and honestly just starting to navigate some form of financial responsibility. If there is someone else you are close to like your dad, maybe ask them for money for trousers?

  5. I really hate the mascots in university, I like the University expansion pack but the mascots that just keep coming into your house or dorm and make such a racket, like why, felt like such a dumb thing to put in the game that gets old super fast.

  6. Oh god yes the cheerleaders are annoying too. Both the mascots and cheerleaders just barging in usin your computer and reading your books like why what was the point in having that in the expansion pack.

  7. Is it just me or does the sims 3 graphics look the most out of palce and so far awayf rom even being recognisable in The Sims franchise? Ugliest sims to date, horrible lighting, open world laggy as hell and stupid rabbit holes. I really wish I enjoyed the sims 3 as much as the others in the series but to me it's the worst in the franchise with no saving grace at all.

  8. Ah I thought so I used to have that mod will probably download it again.

  9. Honestly, I know everyone will say 3 but I'd play 4.

  10. Agreed! I'd play sims 4 Bella Goth over sims 3 anyday if sims 2 didn't exist. Sims 3 is so freaking ugly ugh, sims 4 may be lacking on a lot of stuff but at least it's super easy on the eyes.

  11. I don't get why so many don't like it, yes it is the saddest of the seasons but I love it especially how visually it is the most colourful season, alll the different contrasts of colours yet it's so sad. They did a really good job with it.

  12. Well as Neville says feeling is the secret, you were aligned, living in the end of her breaking up with you, so somewhere at some point you started thinking enough about that possibe outcome, then felt something about it then it manifested, you shifted to a reality where it happened.

  13. Manifesting anything an sp should not feel like hell. You have to learn to forgive and heal yourself for whatever happened between you and them, and forgive them too. Ask yourself truthfully if you are still holding onto the pain and hurt or not? Trust me I spent a couple of years in my own torture but guess what it's only ever us keeping ourselves in that state, retelling ourselves that same old broken record. You can spend a long time in the state of lack, which is what manifests cos there is an abundance of lack just as there is an adundance of plenty. It is more than ok if YOU want to give up on manifesting the person, no one is forcing you to do it and don't let anyone make you feel you have to manifest this person or else you're a failure, it is YOUR life YOU are the one that has to live in YOUR head. So do what makes YOU feel the happiest and at peace. Ask yourself, only you know the true answer to this but is the sp God's desire or is it an ego and the real desire, true God's desire is just a relationship, to feel loved etc, cos sometimes we do that, we want to feel loved, sexy, beautiful, amazing everything most people feel in relationships, so the ego part our human part thinks well we felt all that with this person, I know we'll try to manifest them, so that's a how, which is something that is never up to us, that our human ego part can't even comprehend. And sometimes we can spend so long thinking, no I won't be happy, I refuse to feel happy until this thing or person manifests, which is a great way of keeping it from you cos the paradox is once we feel all those things within ourseleves, the person comes back. Some of us just know though that it has to be that person though, that we wouldn't feel quite the same level of love etc with anyone else nor do we want (speaking about myself with that) but yeah do what makes you feel the best and screw anything else.

  14. I sometimes ask 'maybe this sp isn't meant for me ? Does the universe want me to have someone else ' but then I also realise that feels like a limiting belief for me.. seems people vary with this thought and what they do with it. What's your opinion verses fate vs choice ? I've deeply wanted things for me before that ended up being terrible for me, even my intuition was screaming against it. It sucks and it's actually one of the biggest blocks to manifesting for me

  15. Well since finding and going beyond Neville's teachings I no longer believe in the whole crap that something bigger and more powerful is deciding what is "meant", for me cos there is no such thing. Look into Rita Cragwall's 12, laws of mind she goes much deeper into all this. How I personally know it's a true desire for me is cos it's not changed for a year or two but that's just me. You seriously need to ask yourself these questions, meditate on it. And forgive.

  16. I didn't even get to episode two, can't be bothered at all with this season. I agree, Red Tide was no where near as awful, although I think if they had started with Death Valley first last year, things could have gone very differently.

  17. It doens't even feel like a whole year has passed, and christmas is just so anti climactic when you're an adult, can't wait for it to be over and done with. The only part I really enjoy is the food and alcohol now.

  18. I really fee llike Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters is what makes American Horror Story, even after Jessica Lange left, they kept the show watchable and it's really not the same without them :/.

  19. What in god’s name does he add to the show? Like Sean.

  20. I really think the whole show needs a complete revamp. It is like watching paint dry. Now I like Aaron, I just wish they'd put him with someone better than Summer, give him more to do. Agreed with getting rid of Summer, she's so ooverdone. I'd also get rid of a of the OAP's apart from Rita and stop having Ken as some Lothario please it's cringey, can he not jsut be the old man that ocassioanlly tries to look out for boring Daniel and especially get rid of Mary, she made more sense with Norris. Why can't we have an interesting affair stortyline again like Emmerdale has had. I'd also like to see more of Amy, Asha and Addi, like do the producers not know that there are more young cast than Summer. Also do something with Glenda, she's funny and bubbly, they could so something with her and Gemma maybe, both funny characters. God this show needs a major rehaul. End of rant and sorry for the rant lol.

  21. I picked Asylum but want to pick both Asylum and Ronaoke lol. Glad to see they are almost neck and neck.

  22. No, she was a headcase and a homewrecker. I hated her.

  23. I have no sympathy at all for Summer, why have the writer's got her so f*cking thick now, trying to make everyone happy, helping a guy she only started dating's waste of space drunken dad, that he'd be better off without. You can not force an addict to get better they have to want to do it themse;ves, no matter how much ten thousands you give them. Yes the couple shouldn't have been naieve enough to trust an 18 year old they barely know, they should have am sure there are surrogcay legit agency people can go to. But what Summer did was fraud, she was going to freaking terminate it, then decided to keep it then lost it, still took the money and never told them. That is beyond sick, Billy should just disown her already fgs.

  24. I wish they would kill her character off, most boring depressing effing character on the show.

  25. I personally love Appocalypse, I prefer it to Coven, maybe cos there is a lot less focus on witches. And Sarah Paulson as MS Venebales sorry if I mispelt that I loved seeing her as kind of a villian. Also runing over the antichrist was my favourite scene lol.

  26. I couldn't get past the first episode. I don't think I'm the target audience for it though lol so maybe that's why, plus without Sarah andEVan :(.I know 1984 had no Sarah or Evan but the story was more entertaining to me.

  27. The only good thing that came out of coven is we got Kathy Bates and Angela Basset added to the show. Apart from that it is so unbelievably dull in comparison to the other seasons, not sure about NYC though, couldn't get past the first episode.

  28. Coevn is so fucking dull in comparison to the rest of the seasons. The only good thing about Coven is we got Kathy Bates and Angela Basset introduced to the franchise with it.

  29. I think he scare mongers and doesn’t have a great grasp on the teachings.

  30. He definitely does scare monger, no wonder I couldn't and didn't want to keep watching him, I just felt really sh*t whilst listening to him rambling on and on.

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