1. in terms of writing and acting, Wednesday. In terms of personal preference, probably also Wednesday but with Enid as a close second

  2. It’s not scary a lot of these people are coo but I don’t want my children willing exposed to these things until they 12 at least so I can explain what’s going on. Lil boys get ideas girls to they know this…well let’s just run around and I’ll say I’m Batman drive 200mph to a crime scene tie up the police and stop the bad guy.. I’d be called crazy. If we out and see a drag there’s nothing wrong with that they have a free life too but to bring them to our young children is beyond ridiculous.

  3. why? why is it inappropriate for young children? why does it have to be a difficult explanation? i have a very hard time believing that young children have a problem with it, unless you’ve taught them to have a problem with it

  4. don’t worry about me, I’m aroace. the only thing i be chasing is that random cat on the street. get back here i want to pet

  5. If you come to my house you can pet my cats (I also have garlic bread)

  6. this explains why i wear all black and grey and dark blue but my brain itches for pink sparklies

  7. I'm a stright guy... I'd follow that

  8. For real! What is up with people trying so hard to make Wednesday and Enid in love? I didn’t pick up that at all in the show.

  9. fandoms just love shipping for some reason. I’m 16 and i don’t really get it either, which may be because I’m aroace but i feel like wednesday doesn’t need any romantic partner

  10. i love being a little cringe on purpose to piss the homophobes and gatekeepers off

  11. if “humans are organisms” then there’s no such thing as a human

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