1. All other comments. I had this problem I sanded hole to remove burrs then repainted

  2. Of course. But hard to talk when you are already on it...

  3. You have to double cut the seams and make sure to use a sharp blade.

  4. Seams are a pain however if you size your walls paper slips better and I found was easier to line up.

  5. If you have a Drexel cut a slot to fit a flathead screwdriver. I have used a hacksaw blade to do same thing.

  6. Yes I forgot the tap the screw bit. I suggest that it works best in aluminum castings like engines. But not to hard not to soft, gotta be just right :-)

  7. Yes gotta love auto correct fat fingers an tiny screen

  8. As long as you don't lock the moisture in and allow the moisture to escape. Probably. I seen duct tape and expanding foam.

  9. Done especially if you leave your dildo on the dining table. Entree ot dessert?

  10. How big apiece you want? Many industrial building firms use a form of expanding foam that is preformed into panels. There is so much wastage from these builds and they are happy to give away. Its Fireproof, easy to shape, glue and of course very light.

  11. Not big at all, I’ve found that I’m after the really dense, firm stuff, not the one that’s almost like packing polystyrene. I think the terming after is extruded not expanded polystyrene. It seems to be super common in the states but a prick to find here. Thanks for the comment!

  12. The stuff I nabbed is dense superlight 'not styrene' very fine structure looks like hokeypokey and super easy to carve. I would think it would hold up well to paint as you glue it together with 'ados' or gorilla glue. I wish I could remember the name of the product. It's usually an engineered firesafety product and super expensive but offcuts free ;-)

  13. I dint know about best. Manuka is hard and if you find the right trunk size and shape very little work would be required.

  14. I suspect the ringing mechanism was taken out. Looks like it's missing the spinning arms on the bell side. Looks simikar to a bike bell as mentioned in last post. Maybe borrow parts from a bell. I don't know if diameter same. They work by 2 large washers hanging on an arm these spin out by centrafugal force and hit the dome. At rest washers are loose and don't touch h the sides. To ring properly bell would need to be free of the door separed by rubber washer. Find a bell for a kids bike and look at the construction.

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