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  1. Sure, that would be cool. In general I kinda figured we would see more X-men and Runaways show up in the game.

  2. I mean, most games have fewer than 12 playable characters…. :)

  3. Most games within this genre? Because that isn't true. And while it does nothing for my own disappointment, I am happy to hear you're happy with the roster as it stands.

  4. Mutant Year Zero had 6 characters; Mario Plus Rabbids had 8. Those are the last two recent ones I played.

  5. Fire Emblem 3 houses had 33. The super robot wars roster goes on for forever in essentially each game.

  6. I want some weird picks no one is expecting. Guys like Living Laser and Gray Gargoyle.

  7. The X-men arcade game. The 6 player cabinets were an experience I wish more people had a chance to appreciate.

  8. I'd like to see Johnny Blaze added to the roster. During the time of the original midnight sons story, Johnny was acting as a mentor figure for Danny, the Ghost Rider of the time. I think it would be a great homage to the original story to continue that relationship with Johnny and Robbie. You could even give Johnny his hellfire shotgun back to add even more difference between the two in terms of gameplay.

  9. Honestly, I'm pretty ok with anyone and everything, but I do hope they lean deep into the supernatural stuff. I want to see all sorts of monsters, demons, gods and sorcerers.

  10. They didn't say anything about multiplayer in the game right now. So who knows, maybe.

  11. That's classically how Shoryuken works tho. It wasn't until SF5 that they changed it to need meter to be invincible on start up. You could use Shoryuken to get passed projectiles too once upon a time hahaha

  12. I'm not a super big fan of power rangers. I grew up with Mighty Morphin and Zeo. I know nothing else about the rest of it. I am, however, a massive fan of Street Fighter. So yeah this announcement is huge for me and is going to get me to come back and play the game after an eternity of not once thinking about it.

  13. My only real issue is that Maestro felt underused. Otherwise I thought the story was fine

  14. Yeah, this is pretty degenerate. Great job.

  15. Guess it would honestly depend on the TO and if they would allow it or not. But either way, nothing wrong with having a stick for home and a stick for travel.

  16. I just set up my PS5 today and am not able to get motion controls to work at all. Did you find a fix?

  17. So frustrating. It feels like we’re the only people in the world with this issue. I’m gonna try to contact support this week.

  18. If you manage to get them, please let me know what they say. I've been trying and haven't had much success so far

  19. I found it on poshmark actually! There’s always people selling all sorts of costumes on there, I almost got a different version but I really like this one and it was a great deal.

  20. Wait are you talking about the Chun costume? because I meant the mask lol. but I do appreciate you letting me know that too. I wasn't aware Poshmark was a thing.

  21. Oh, well RIP my hopes and dreams. Thanks for the info tho.

  22. Caps kick is one of my favorite moves in the game. It's so good.

  23. Suppose I can't really blame them. It has to be really good at launch. I'd be gun shy about it until I was sure it was gold too.

  24. Yes, I'm sure everyone would like to see all the things everyone has been asking for. Not sure about a "flight mode" tho. Not really sure what that would add to the game other than a mode that restricts playable characters.

  25. It might make active players happy, but no one who has dropped the game is going to care or "come back" just because the stuff they didn't care about before is cheaper.

  26. The audio quality is wildly poor. What is that about?

  27. This is finally it. The best content. You did it. You crazy son of a bitch, you did it.

  28. I'm saving most of my credits, but I did buy two take downs I liked.

  29. Probably just wishful thinking but maybe if we're lucky they'll see a spike in people actually buying things a change their prices.

  30. This sale was not an accident. It's happening at the same time they are giving people money to burn so that they can go to the big wig shot callers and say "look, people will purchase more at these prices instead" and be able to make that change, since the shot callers won't care to look too closely since all they care about is seeing big numbers anyway.

  31. Oh absolutely, I honestly think it's CD trying to convince Square to lower the prices. I still maintain the belief that game developers are (almost) never the issue when it comes to MTX; it's the publisher.

  32. I'm confident that the vast majority of the issues the game faces today is because of Square pushing things along before it was ready. They already delayed the game a couple times, right? Publishers have this bad habit of not thinking a few steps ahead, it seems.

  33. which exclusives were these, again?

  34. Maybe next year, but I don't think we will see anything like that this time around.

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