1. The second version seems a little too bland, it would be a little hard on they eyes I think. The first one, however, is gorgeous. Post apo can be gorgeous.

  2. I mean they got smoked on the ground too, some of the most decisive tank battles in modern history were Iraq getting smoked.

  3. They were outgunned on the ground and in the air.

  4. Most of them gave up before an engagement could ever actually occur.

  5. Most of them actually fought despite little to no hope of reaching a single allied tank

  6. I posted here that this would happen and I got downvoted into oblivion! But that was such an obvious next step

  7. What are you quoting here?

  8. People are so misinformed on this matter it’s disgusting. They have such strong beliefs for something they don’t even understand the basics of.

  9. The thing is that you most likely don’t understand the legal implications yourself either (like, are you familiar with how authorship is handled in Germany or Sweden?) and you feel like you do because you saw a blog post once that says it is like photography. And you have strong feelings in this legal issue you don’t quite have the knowledge to fully understand, because you think it’s about « common sense » and not about the law.

  10. I agree with the fact that AI will grow but this take sounds like wishful thinking. What will happen legally is anyone’s guess and it could be ugly, and the stance of people towards AI is yet to be determined.

  11. What they need to do with wild card conditions is something like this:

  12. This is such a great idea, would love this!

  13. I don't know if the copyright argument is a winning one for artists. Like, it's factually incorrect. Google has been using copyrighted books and won in court for it for years. There is nothing new about it the learning material being changed to images instead of text.

  14. It's amazing how many randos on AI forums are suddenly copyright experts.

  15. Just a word of encouragement from another dad. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

  16. As a young dad: thank you for sharing this

  17. The potential is absolutely massive. It's only logical after seeing the success of Jasper.

  18. What do you mean by that?

  19. I mean how though, how did you do it. spelling mistake

  20. Quite simple: rotoscoped dancer with black background, fed into an AI (Disco Diffusion Warp) that uses optical flow to track movement

  21. I cannot upvote this enough. What AI are you using to create these animations if you don't mind me asking?

  22. Haha it's a professional dancer originally

  23. I am producing documentary feature and am interested in your artistic services. Reach out if so! Great work; cheers!

  24. Hi! Would be interested in a chat. I'll shoot you a DM.

  25. Beautiful work! I love it! Do you work with dancers often?

  26. This is a series of 4 animations and I'm interested in doing more; with that being said, it was my first time working with dancers. Super interesting, I see a lot of potential

  27. Very nice. I'm working on some of my own videos with Night Cafe, and Disco Diffusion, this is some very profound stuff you have here! I can tell that you have put some long hours into this-- incredible work!

  28. Amazing! Did you do it all in Python?

  29. What song is that? Sounds like Nujabes

  30. Good catch! Haiku by Nujabes

  31. I don't have them at hand but if you head over to the DDWarp Discord you can get some info!

  32. Yoo I love the champloo shoutout. Especially with the sunflower put in. Looks great!

  33. Ooooh you made my day! At the very beginning it was a Samurai Champloo tribute though it strayed a bit from that

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