The Great Reddit Outage of 2023

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  1. Is an European S21 Ultra affected?

  2. Not really familiar with New York during those times, but why were Italians and Irish people discriminated against?

  3. It was at least 3 hours, maybe up to 5. In 2021 Facebook was out for several hours and lost 65 million dollars. When your outage is in hours and you're a large website like this one, this is a great outage.

  4. Every photography sub is having this problem. I literally just had an argument in

  5. Can they not understand each other? Aren’t most of the comics them having some kind of conversation?

  6. in the comics it's only Garfield that can understand John, John can't understand Garfield.

  7. most efficient way to get karma has been discovered

  8. So this post got removed because Reddit moderators apply their sense of authority over research and facts.

  9. Aight, wear a seatbelt and hang on tight everyone, this ride will get wild, in a worse way possible

  10. I'll take my downvotes but this is a minor change in the face of what any sensible business would have done with YouTube. Youtube is literally living off the fat of Google, if they were owned by anyone else they would have either had to monitize it into the ground or just simply pulled the plug.

  11. Eh. You're not too wrong. Youtube itself has only ever turned a profit in 2018 and 2020. Every year other than that from 2006 to 2022 has lost google money. But lets not forget that the only reason why google didn't care about youtube turning a profit was so that it could turn Youtube into a monopoly and make it impossible for even others to attempt to compete otherwise Youtube would have tried to be profitable a lot earlier

  12. People are already starting to miss Susan Wojcicki with this new CEO

  13. Does the bot uses Image recognition AI to do this automatically?

  14. Nope. When the post is new, the bot asks in this comment for upvotes if this is a useless red circle, if it's not to downvote the comment

  15. I saw that in many videos they just shut the comment section and in almost all shorts I checked today the comment section was restricted

  16. that's been a thing for years as something the creator can set before posting a new video.

  17. Yes I know but when I checked today almost all the videos and shorts were restricted

  18. Are you sure your verision of the app didn't just bug out?

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