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  1. Boost should be on R1 gas on R2 sense you use them so much it keeps the active muscle contractions for moving on your finger muscles.

  2. SMH. Content creators are the new gods of this insane internet kiddie religion. It’s just smoke and mirrors, aka editors and bullshit artists. We have here a preacher exposing the lies of the Luke religion. So glad it matters at all. Oh wait it doesn’t.

  3. Yeah, I agree, I don’t think it matters at all either. I popped in to see what’s what and found your comment really strange so I decided to engage. Then you come back with an even weirder one.

  4. Yeah weirder and weirder. Just like the original post. Absolute nonsense.

  5. Nah bro this is America. Birthing is forced, no certificate needed. The politicians need someone to blame. Unfit parents are a great source of nonsense

  6. Same. This weekend was an actual disaster. Now I’m back into plat with the kids that stop playing at 0-1 because they drove up behind you and you bumped them…… it is infuriating. Think it’s time to retire.

  7. Mostly because he preaches on the benefit of taking care of yourself and living a good life. Pisses off a lot of people. He doesn’t buy into bullshit and he spends a lot of time thinking about things and ideas and he gives lectures on his ideas. Pisses off a lot of people with no thoughts of their own too. In general the people lashing out at jordan are kind of like preachers that scream about gayness being sinful. Then they are caught doing meth and having gay sex.

  8. Yeah ada was only released in a couple anomaly locations. The badges came in the packs you could purchase for around 30$ at an anomaly. Came with stickers patch vr loadout card and a character badge . Kind of like the original OLW which was only in like 2 anomaly sites. It was so rare people were paying 800$. Now ada is 12$ and you get 10 beacons to get the anomaly badge this weekend. Pretty damn cheap and a nice pack they put together.

  9. Yep Roland jarvis was in the 2016? I forget which year. Here’s a list.

  10. Legendary posts! Thanks for keeping it up!

  11. Um, it wasn't me...it was a friend on my account. That's believable right?

  12. Definitely……. Your friend…..

  13. Ming is a great content creator. Hope it happens soon

  14. Every single time without fail….. have any opinion and be diamond or lower with your flair on.

  15. Again with the Utah crying…..

  16. So weak and pathetic. Better up your game troll.

  17. Trolling? No this just keeps getting posted and cried about. If a game made me so unstable and sad I would just stop playing that game. Instead this person continues to enjoy talking about the drama and being the victim. Their understanding of “geofencing” and “brokers guild” is completely dumb and outside of reality. It’s not trolling to say “again with the Utah crying” it’s constant, and they even told you how constant they do it.

  18. Great religious content! Maybe look for

  19. Uh well. So movies have things called scripts. They are written by older writers and their words are repeated verbally by actors. I know it’s complicated but no one cares how you feel about child actors saying words from a script.

  20. Definitely solo queuing with trash team mates

  21. Plenty of jokes are available. For me the point of art is to create a thing that you can process through your subjective perspective. It’s there to make you think. It’s why some artists don’t give you an interpretation of their work. Because the point is the thoughts and ideas it allows you to experience inside your mind and life.

  22. This is the way. Some properties can be on both, some properties can only be in one position. Use R2 to see which is unique then roll that one first. Then you can roll the other.

  23. I think you just have a problem using the buttons well. You want an easier button you can hold? It makes no sense. You cant use them both at the same time and if you’re falling into a recover you use dar and powerslide right before you land. If you want to use manual air roll more than a dar then you probably should have it on separate buttons. Most people that suggest linking them to the same button use dar for their air roll needs. It’s literally no problem for the community. But youre having problems and want to warn others from good advice because you cant use it properly. Put more time in and learn how it works the best for you. If you need them on separate buttons, then do that.

  24. Air laps: circle the ball while in the air with the tip of your car pointing to the center.

  25. I’m not gonna lie, I probably cant do the sideways ariel laps lmao.

  26. Not gonna lie I barely do half of one clean, but I keep struggling through. Maybe one day it will click

  27. Enjoy the madness trying to get it

  28. Yeah it’s not a job application. You are a contract worker and responsible for your own business. They want to adapt their app to not upset you. Cause the mob won.

  29. When you play the game for so long and get good at it, you’re used to seeing certain numbers/averages. Not trying to brag or anything, but 95%+ of the survivals I play with randoms I’m leading the team in kills, while also reviving and defending zones. If I don’t see 220+ kills sometimes I feel I didn’t play up to my full potential for that game. With a squad of decent 120ki players I’d only expect to finish around 150 kills. In a way it’s a measure of your own performance, and we always play to improve.

  30. Pinch-casso to keep the art theme

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